Complex Systems

SwB, course package, 60 credits

Complex systems are the norm in nature and society. Some examples are morphogenesis, the study of the development of shape and form of  living organisms, the complex dynamics of financial markets, and the study of turbulent aerosols in the atmosphere that influence the climate. This is an interdisciplinary course package that takes a mathematical perspective on complex systems, with courses  that deal with the basic principles as well as computer modelling of such systems.

First semester: September 2015 - December 2015
FFR105 - Stochastic optimisation algorithms, 7.5 cr
FFR135 - Artificial neural networks, 7.5 cr
FFR110 - Computational biology 1, 7.5 cr
FFR120 - Simulations of complex systems, 7.5 cr
Second semester: January 2016 - May 2016
TIF150 - Information theory for complex systems, 7.5 cr
FFR125 - Autonomous agents, 7.5 cr
TIF155 - Dynamical systems, 7.5 cr
TIF106 - Non-equilibrium processes in physics, chemistry and biology, 7.5 cr

Entry requirements
Minimum 3½ years and preferably 4 years of studies in a BSc degree programme in Brazil.
Major in: Engineering Physics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Bio Engineering or the equivalent
Prerequisites: Mathematical analysis, Linear algebra and Programming.

English requirements
The most common and important scores that are accepted for studeis at Chalmers are

  • IELTS (academic training), 6.5 (with no part of the test below 5.5)
  • TOEFL (Internet based): 90 (with a minimum of 20 on the written part)
  • TOEFL (paper based): 575 (with a minimum of 4.5 on the written part)

The above tests and test scores are minimum requirements, no exemptions will be granted by Chalmers.
The Institutional TOEFL-test (ITP) score is not valid for academic purposes at Chalmers.

Application (for entry academic year 2015/16)
Credits: 60 cr
Duration: 10 months or 2 semesters
Start of first semester: Early September 2015
End of second semester: Early June 2016
Rate of study: 100% (full-time studies at Chalmers is equivalent to 4 courses or 30 credits per semester)
Instructional time: Daytime
Language of instruction: English
Teaching form: On-campus
Tuition fee: 140 000 SEK
Application period: 
10 February: Application period opens on
20 February: Application deadline
25 February: Deadline for University Admissions to receive documents to complete the electronic admission application (transcript in Portuguese, official translation of transcript in English, copy of English test results)
18 March: Notification of selection results published on your personal profile on
Application instructions in detail (external link on 
Questions regarding application and admission: Chalmers’ Admissions,
Specific questions about course content: Mats Granath,
Other questions: Student Exchange,

Published: Fri 23 Nov 2012. Modified: Wed 11 Mar 2015