Joint Nordic Master in Maritime engineering

120 credits (MSc, 2 years)

The Nordic Master in Maritime engineering is based on the expertise of the participating universities within naval architecture, offshore engineering and maritime engineering. The programme targets international students wishing to profit from the Nordic Five Tech universities' long standing tradition and competence in the field and Nordic students wishing to specialize in a specific area of expertise offered within the alliance.
The education is based on first principles within design, construction and operation of ship and offshore structures, including hydrostatics and stability, hydrodynamics, wave and wind loads and structural analyses. The teaching comprises lectures, assignments, workshops and project work. Theory is supported by experimental work and computer simulations are used intensively.

Study at two Nordic universities

The Master’s programme in Maritime engineering is a collaboration between five leading technical universities in the Nordic countries (Nordic Five Tech). The programme gives you a unique opportunity to tailor your degree based on your academic interests.

You will get to study at two of the partner universities in different countries (however, note that it is not possible to study at both Chalmers and KTH), spending one year at each one, and you will graduate with a double master’s degree. The universities participating in the Master's in Maritime engineering are:

Aalto University, Finland
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark
The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Chalmers University of Technology participates in the following tracks:
  • Ocean structures
  • Passenger ships
  • Ship design
  • Ship operations
The coordinator of the Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering is Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
The application process for ISEE(N5T) is administered by Aalto University.


The application has to be made to the university which is responsible for the specific programme. The application process and deadlines may vary for the different programmes. Make sure to carefully read the information specified on each programme description. When you apply you must include a motivational letter.

The application process for ISEE(N5T) is administered by Aalto University.

Application is open from 1 December 2021 to 1 March 2022 only.

Tuition Fees

Each of the participating universities have different rules regarding tuition fees. Please check what rules apply for each of the two universities where you will be studying.


All Nordic Five Tech applicants who are required to pay tuition fees at Chalmers (regardless of their year of study) are eligible to apply for scholarships. All Nordic Master applicants will receive an email at the end of March, or in the beginning of April with instructions regarding the scholarship application.Eligiblee applicants nominated by the Nrodic five tech committee will receive a personal e-mail with instructions regarding the possibility to apply for a scholarship, in April. In the meantime you are welcome to read about them.
Take note, do not apply for a scholarship administered by Chalmers prior to receiving a personal e-mail with instructions.

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​Practical matters​

The practical aspects of your stay in the Nordic countries depend on the rules that apply in each country. Generally you should check what applies for each of the two countries that you will be studying in, as well as for each of the two universities.

Residence permit

Generally EU/EEA citizens do not need a residence permit for the Nordic countries. For details, please check the regulations of each of the two countries that you will be studying in.


Please check what rules apply at each of the two universities that you will be studying at.


The process of getting student accommodation differs at each participating university.

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