Master's Degree Programmes A-Z

The Master's Programmes at Chalmers are strongly linked to advanced research in areas of particular strength. The programmes are taught in English and open to applicants from around the world. The duration for all programmes is two years and upon completion of studies candidates will be granted a Master’s degree, MSc.

The application period for programmes starting in autumn 2017 is 17 October 2016 - 16 January 2017.

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Applied Mechanics
Applied Physics
Architecture and Urban Design (closed for late application)
Automotive Engineering (closed for late application) 


Biomedical Engineering (closed for late application)


Communication Engineering (closed for late application)
Complex Adaptive Systems
Computer Science - algorithms, languages and logic (closed for late application)
Computer Systems and Networks (closed for late application) 


Design and Construction Project Management (closed for late application)
Design for Sustainable Development (closed for late application)


Electric Power Engineering (closed for late application)
Embedded Electronic System Design
Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science
Entrepreneurship and Business Design (closed for late application) 


Industrial Design Engineering
Industrial Ecology
Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering
Interaction Design and Technologies
International Project Management (closed for late application)


Management and Economics of Innovation (closed for late application)
Maritime Management (closed for late application)
Materials Chemistry (Former "Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology")
Materials Engineering


Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Nuclear Science and Technology (Former "Nuclear Engineering")


Physics and Astronomy
Production Engineering
Product Development


Quality and Operations Management (closed for late application)


Software Engineering and Technology (Former "Software Engineering")
Sound and Vibration
Structural Engineering and Building Technology
Supply Chain Management (closed for late application)​
Sustainable Energy Systems (closed for late application)
Systems, Control and Mechatronics (closed for late application)  


Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering


Nordic Five Tech's joint Master's programmes

Nordic Five Tech's joint Master's programmes include two years of study at two different Nordic universities in different countries (however, it is not possible to study at both Chalmers and KTH). The joint programmes lead to double Master's degrees - one from each of the universities where the studies have taken place.

Environmental Engineering, Nordic Master's programme
Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering, Nordic Master's programme
Maritime Engineering, Nordic Master's programme
Polymer Technology, Nordic Master's programme

Erasmus Mundus joint Master's programmes

Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s programmes are co-operations between at least three European universities and can also include partner universities outside of Europe. Students in these programmes study at at least two European universities and receive either a double or a joint degree. It is possible to apply for scholarships within the Erasmus Mundus programmes.

Erasmus Mundus joint Master's programmes

  • Master’s programme in Industrial Ecology (MIND)
  • Master's programme in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (EMM NANO).

Master's Programme with language of instruction: Swedish

Lärande och ledarskap (Learning and Leadership on Swedish website)​​​​​​​​​​​

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