Specific entry requirements

All applicants must meet the specific entry requirements below, in addition to the
general entry requirements
and the
English language requirement

Programme-specific requirements

Programme-specific requirements include a Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) with a major in... (one or several alternatives will be listed) and prerequisites (one or several courses selected as necessary  for the specific programme) and for three particular programmes a portfolio is required.
The programme-specific requirements are provided for each Chalmers Master's programme at the
presentation of current programmes

Applicants are responsible for proving that they fulfill the specific course requirements of the programme/s, to which they have applied. The content and focus of these particular courses must be clearly conveyed in the course names in your transcript. If this is not the case, a course syllabus (course description) must be submitted to prove that you fulfill the specific course requirements. The syllabus must be issued by the university.
When is a syllabus/course description a must?

Cumulative average of the maximum grade

The term cumulative average grade is synonymous with cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

In order to be eligible for Master's programmes at Chalmers applicants are generally required to have attained at least a 70% cumulative average of the maximum grade during their Bachelor's studies. Exemptions from this requirement may be granted in exceptional cases when a combination of other elements of the application (i.e. a high average grade in courses that are required or recommended by the Master's programme applied for, CV, letter of motivation, letters of recommendation, international ranking of their home University, relevant internship/work experience, etc.) are perceived to be sufficiently extraordinary to compensate for a lower cumulative average grade than the 70% minimum.

If the cumulative average grade is not provided as a percentage on an official University document a conversion into percentage will be made by Chalmers.

Please note that fulfillment of the minimum grade requirement does not necessarily guarantee that you will be admitted, as admission to Chalmers is subject to place availability and the general overall strength of your application, in addition to fulfilling other entry requirements. 

Published: Thu 18 Nov 2010. Modified: Tue 01 Nov 2016