Postponed or deferred enrolment

An offer of admission is only valid until the Day of enrolment. If you do not participate in the mandatory registration session during this day, your admission will be forfeit. 

Postponed enrolment (max 12 days)

Postponed enrolment means delaying entry to a programme to which a student has been admitted. Postponed enrolment may be granted until the Friday of the second week of the first semester (max 12 days). Applications for postponed enrolment are processed by Chalmers Admissions. Postponed enrolment has not been granted until a decision by Chalmers Admissions has been sent to the applicant. A student who has been granted postponed enrolment must register, in person, in the manner instructed by Chalmers.
Bachelor's degree students from Chalmers
Students who have completed, or are presently enrolled in the third year of, a 3- or 5-year programme at Chalmers do not need to apply for postponed enrolment. These students will register online (confirmation of offered seat at the Student portal) and will therefore not be required to be present in person in order to register for the programme.

How to apply for postponed enrolment

A student who is admitted to a Master's programme at Chalmers will be granted a postponed enrolment assuming the application has arrived on time. In order to be eligible for postponed enrolment the application must be submitted to Chalmers Admissions as soon as possible after the reason for postponed enrolment has occured. Applications received after the mandatory Day of enrolment will be considered invalid. Postponed enrolment cannot be granted retroactively.

Apply by email: specify the subject "Application for postponed enrolment", include your personal data (date of birth YYMMDD, name and the application number from Send to:
Any requests during the last week before the day of enrolment must be sent, without further delay, by e-mail to Chalmers Admissions. Admission is only valid up to the day of enrolment - if you do not participate in the mandatory registration session, your admission will be cancelled.
Decisions will be sent in writing (mail or email) by Chalmers Admissions. The decision is only valid until the date stipulated in the approval. Students who are granted postponed enrolment will receive information regarding in what manner to enroll. The postponement may be granted for a maximum of 12 days.

Deferment of studies to the next academic year

Under certain circumstances it is possible to defer the start of your studies to the next academic year.
Send your request to Chalmers Admissions at:
Decisions will be sent in writing (mail or email) by Chalmers Admissions.
Deferment of studies cannot be granted for reasons concerning housing/accommodation or your current economic situation, including not being granted a scholarship etc.
Deferment of studies cannot be granted retroactively. Applications received after the mandatory day of enrolment will not be processed.

Contact Chalmers Admissions

Phone +46(0) 31 772 25 90

Published: Mon 04 Apr 2011. Modified: Mon 15 Aug 2016