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Patricia Belletati

Patricia Belletati

Olá! I’m Patrícia and I was born and raised in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil and one of the biggest cities in the world! There I also did my bachelor's study in Physics with emphasis in Basic Research at University of São Paulo. At the moment, I'm starting my second year in Nanotechnology Master's Program at Chalmers, ready for one more year full of new experiences.

First I was sad!

When I started my University studies as a Physics student, I wished to become a researcher, and as my undergraduate studies went on, I became increasingly interested in working as a researcher in industry. Unfortunately, research in Brazil is mostly associated to the academic context, making it difficult to pursue this interest there.

Then I was relieved and intrigued!

After I finished my bachelor’s I started to travel in some places in Europe, and during a trip to Sweden I had the chance to know Chalmers, and get in touch with the Swedish culture. The way the master’s programme are structured at Chalmers, having a strong relation with industry, is ideal for those thinking about their future. During the studies you already start building your network, having the chance to get in contact with many companies and start-ups, especially from former Chalmerists.

Soon, I was becoming wise!

With many foreign students at Chalmers, the university allows you to work with people from different backgrounds, which expand experiences, communication, and teamwork skills. Also, having contact with all these different cultures, since from food till the social structure enriches our view from our own culture perspective. It enable us to see the differences that we never noticed before in our own country, and make us open our mind to what we once consider as unchangeable.

Now, I'm happy!

The contact with Sweden’s culture of innovation contributes to better shape our mindset in a forward-thinking paradigm, being a proof that Sweden is an ideal place to continue the studies. Another bright spot in Sweden’s culture is the respect and gender equality, which we can see not only inside the universities and industries, but you can see everyday in everywhere you go, making this country a very special place.


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Published: Thu 17 Sep 2015. Modified: Fri 18 Sep 2015