Published: Fri 16 Dec 2016.

Yue Wang (Clivia) Chalmers Student Ambassador from China

Yue Wang (Clivia)

My name is Yue and I have fallen in love with Gothenburg and Chalmers. Nature and people live side by side which as an architect I find very beautiful.

​Hej, I'm Yue from China, master student in architecture and urban design. As you might know, compared to other engineering programs, the program of architecture is a bit special. For example, I have studied in a design studio for three months but I have had fewer lectures than most of my friends in other programmes. But perhaps what’s most surprising is that graduate students in architecture won't have any exams at Chalmers, although everyone still needs to struggle with different academic projects.

The first time I came to Sweden

It’s the first time I came to Sweden, and Gothenburg is my first stop of Europe. Actually, it differs from my imagination of a harbor city where surrounding by excessively commercial complexes. But, I fell in love with Gothenburg before I deplaned. When I took the plane, I saw many beautiful lakes sparkling among the forest, which attracted me completely. In addition, most of buildings here are less than 20 meters high and sit along viable streets.

By the way, because of the picturesque streets and squares, there are many kinds of birds flying above the city. I have a very funny story about my friend Yun and a bird on the plaza of Brunnsparken. One day in September, Yun bought a glass of ice cream in Nordstan and would like to enjoy it in the sunshine. As she was about to eat it, a bird swooped down and carried the ice cream away, while Yun just sat on the bench. A few seconds later, the naughty bird landed just 3 meters away and looked back to Yun before flying away. Everyone there couldn’t stop laughing at that moment. So, please be careful for the ice-cream robber.

The first time I came to Chalmers

I was amazed when I came to the Campus Johanneberg in my first time. I love bricks as the main material of exterior surface of teaching buildings. In my opinion, Bricks is the best kind of material to show the histories of the buildings themselves. As an architecture student, it’s pleased for me to be available for working in architecture workshop where located in Betonghallen. And the workshop equipped with very professional machines for cutting, polishing, welding and so on. So, it’s convenient to make physical models and research during the process of design.

Besides that, I really appreciate most of departments equipped with their own pubs. Students are provided with good opportunities to have fun or do some social activities after school. I guess nobody would refuse a glass of delicious beer at the night in frozen winter. The designer of Chalmers balanced the space of study and entertainment well, and I think it would make a positive impact on stimulating students’ creativities.

My recently daily life

To be honest, due to short daylight time in winter here, I’d felt negative and depressed for a couple of days. But, after talking to some friends, I realized it’s necessary to enrich myself to spend the winter. Only in this way can I have more aims to achieve, more successes to enjoy, and more social circles to manage, so that I’ll have no time feeling sorry for breaking a cup of milk. Apart from studio study, I spend my leisure time on doing aerobics exercise, playing acoustic guitar and planning events for Kinagrupp. Although it’s not easy to manage a group, I think I get more than I give. Each one in my group is qualified and would like to give a hand at any time. If you are interested in Chinese culture, welcome to join us!

My Bio:

  • Master of Architecture and Urban Design, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg(2016-present)
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei(2011-2016)
  • My email address:

Published: Fri 16 Dec 2016.