Previous student ambassadors

Here are some of our previous Chalmers Student Ambassadors. Find out why they chose Chalmers and what it meant for them.
"Chalmers gives me a plethora of opportunities to augment my technical expertise."
Mrinalini Raina from India, MSc in Biotechnology
"Studying at Chalmers gives me more than expected!"
Nattapon Thathong from Thailand, MSc in Software Engineering
"All my experience and personal opinion support studying at Chalmers."
Jeff Chen from Taiwan, MSc in Computer Science, Algorithms, Language and Logic
" I could not be happier with my choice!"
Maria Julia Martins from Brazil, MSc in Design and Construction Project Management
"A year ago, I was like you, so I plan to share my experiences and my story by being a Chalmers student ambassador."
Arsalan Latif from Pakistan, MSc in Biomedical Engineering
"Chalmers, my serendipity!"
Daphne Hingert from Thailand, MSc in Biotechnology
"Chalmers, which is one of the best engineering and technology universities in Sweden, attracts me a lot by its high teaching quality and reputation."
Rui Liang from China, MSc in Electric Power Engineering
"Chalmers is the place where your goals would be reached and where your life will enhance!"
Andres Cuaran from Colombia, MSc in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
"Chalmers provides that window to interact with companies of international stature, and to explore what lies beyond the classroom."
Waleed Hasan from Pakistan, MSc in Structural Engineering and Building Technology
"Chalmers is one of the top universities in Europe for automotive engineering, with tight industry contacts and a lot of emphasis on practice."
Bharat Mohan from India, MSc in Automotive Engineering
"Chalmers really goes a long way into guaranteeing a good experience and educational outcome for students."
Divia Jiménez from The Dominican Republic, MSc in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
"I could not have felt more homely than I am currently feeling in Gothenburg."
Raghavendra Selvan from India, MSc in Communication Engineering
"Chalmers is a hard but wise decision that I made so far and I’m still proud of it."
Wuwei Lin from China, MSc in Product Development
"At Chalmers there is a distinct focus to balance theory with practical application, which really prepares students to make an immediate impact in their fields upon graduation."
Brett Seward from the USA, MSc in Sound and Vibration
"At Chalmers you will find people who will challenge, inspire, and surprise you, from professors to fellow students."
Ben Owilli from Uganda, MSc in Structural Engineering and Building Technology

 "Chalmers is the place if you want to have hands-on abilities while studying."
Ning Guo from China, MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems

Published: Fri 07 Aug 2015. Modified: Wed 22 Feb 2017