Published: Thu 12 Jan 2017. Modified: Mon 23 Jan 2017

Penpaka Kannikaporn

Penpaka Kannikaporn (Ant)

Early in my university life, Sweden was not on my list when I planned to pursue a higher education and I did not even know where Gothenburg is. However, it has now become the city that I love and would like to stay in for the rest of my life.

About Me

I see myself as a person interested in sustainability. This is one of my reasons to choose Sweden as a destination for my master’s study. People call me a chemical engineer, based on my background. Nevertheless, I also have an artistic persp​ective which makes my life balanced in its own way. Playing and singing music are what I am fond of. I usually play guitar, some percussions, and local music instruments such as Ranad ek when I was in my home country, Thailand. Since Chalmers provides a space for practicing piano, I can further develop my interest here.
Personally, I love to step outside and explore the world. I always feel enthusiastic when I meet new people and experience many amazing things. To be honest, I found myself interested in almost everything. Therefore, I have been attending various events in Gothenburg, and I do not regret any of them. When I was in Thailand, my friends called me as “an activist and multipotential person,” since I moved to Gothenburg, they know me as “an event hunter.”

Sweden, a Balanced Combination between Science and Art

Since Sweden is a country with a long history, their architectures and arts are unique. I was curious about how Nordic culture and their artistic perspectives look like when I began to consider studying in Sweden, so this could be another motivation that brought me here. Science and technology are what drive the development of the country, arts of all kinds are essential in fulfilling enjoyment of people. I think this country is developed based on citizen satisfaction, and I would say everything seems perfect to me, except the weather which is not quite good, sometimes.

Chalmers is the University of Technology and Innovation, towards a Sustainable Future

After studying here for a few months, I think Chalmers is one of the world’s leading sustainable universities. Chalmers integrates a piece of sustainable awareness into every program provided to the students. Inspiration would be another matter inducing students to innovate for the foreseeable future by using their technical knowledge as a tool. Collaboration between government, industries and Chalmers makes the innovative transition more feasible. They do not only provide co-working space, but also provide several kinds of funds to anyone who would like to initiate something great for society. I think Chalmers is one of the perfect destinations for pursuing a higher education for both who would like to continue researching to be the experts in specific fields and those who are eager to be the successful entrepreneurs in the future. For me, I know that Chalmers is such an inspiring university from what I have seen so far.

My Bio.

  • MSc. in Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (2016 – Present)
  • BEng. in International Chemical Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand (2012 – 2016)
  • Intern Researcher, Kanazawa University, Japan (Summer 2015)
  • TEDx Organizer (Curator), KMUTT, Thailand (2016)
  • Singer and Music player in various band (2006 – Present)
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Published: Thu 12 Jan 2017. Modified: Mon 23 Jan 2017