Akshay Nataraj

Chalmers is a place where your professors are your fika buddies and some of the most expensive science equipments are your everyday toys.

Namaskar! I am Akshay Nataraj from India. A part time student and a full time trouble maker! I have done my bachelors in electronics and presently pursuing Masters in Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering. I am an amateur photographer, philosopher, globe-trotter, wine and coffee connoisseur, and a huge Sherlock fan (high functioning sociopath). I like to play football, run marathons and love having stimulating conversations with people. Come say “hi” if you find me in the streets of Haga, might sneak you some kanelbulle.

Why land of the Vikings?

After my bachelors I became really interested in lasers and electromagnetics as they amp up my spirit. So like any other student I started looking for universities which offered courses in these fields. Then I had my proverbial “light bulb” moment! I discovered Chalmers. The little scientist inside me became curious about Sweden so I started reading about Sweden and its contributions in the scientific field. After weeks of fanatic reading Chalmers became my first choice.

How Chalmers shaped me?

The curriculum here bridges the gap between industry and academia. My courses have helped me understand the nuances of the communication industry and the state of the art labs have equipped me with the requisite skills. The International environment at Chalmers has helped me understand various cultures and appreciate the differences between them. It has been six months since I came here and I am already in love with the city and its people. Living on my own has made me independent and self reliant. I look forward to some amazing experiences and crazy adventures.

“Live long and prosper”

My Bio:
  • MSc. Wireless Photonics and Space Engineering Chalmers University of Technology (September 2015- Present)
  • BE in Electronics Engineering Mumbai University.
  • Email id: akshayn@student.chalmers.se


Text: Akshay Nataraj
Edited by: Abhilash Ram
Photo: Private

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Published: Fri 29 Apr 2016.