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Information for students applying with Egyptian degrees.

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This page is dedicated to information that you, as students who are applying with a Egyptian degree, will find useful. In addition to information on transcripts, scholarships and so on, you can also read about Egyptian students here at Chalmers and what they feel about their life, studies and much more.

Please note that the information available here is in addition to and not instead of the general requirements information found on and the specific requirements for the Master's programme which is found on the specific programme page.


Scholarship Opportunities for Egyptian Applicants

Scholarships available for all prospective Master’s Students Scholarship Programmes for students who have completed one year of Master’s studies at Chalmers
  • The Adlerbert 60th Anniversary Scholarships are costs of living scholarships, which amount to 60 000 SEK each and are awarded based on the applicants' cumulative grade point average during the first year of studies. All fee-paying students, except holders of Swedish Institute and Sievert Larsson scholarships (who are thus already in possession of a costs of living scholarship), are eligible to apply upon completion of the first year of studies. 10 to 20 scholarships are awarded annually.
  • The Adlerbert Foreign Student Hospitality Fund Scholarships are available for international students who have been admitted to, and enrolled on, a Master's Programme at Chalmers. Students can be awarded the scholarship a maximum of two times. The application period opens in late January and closes in late February. Consequently, it is only possible to apply during this period of a student's first and second year.
Please observe that there may be late additions to the above list of scholarships, which is why we encourage you to check Chalmers’ Scholarship webpage regularly.
List of other scholarships compiled by Swedish Institute (External Link)

Even if they are awarded multiple scholarships, students can avail of only one scholarship.

Keep in mind that, students can hold extra funding in the form of scholarships or grants administered by governmental or non-governmental entities from their own home countries or abroad. This can be in addition to the scholarship awarded by Sweden.

Transcripts & Supporting Documents

All documents should be submitted in the original language along with copies of officially certified translations.

To ensure that your application is complete and correct please go through the information on the two following links.


Further information on required documentation.
Further information on required documentation from for application to Swedish universities (External Link).

English Requirements

Egyptian applicants conventionally prove their English proficiency by submitting their scores from competitive English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. This link has more information on English Requirements for application to Master's programmes at Chalmers University of Technology. You can also find more information about English requirements at (External Link).

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