Information for students applying with degrees from EU/EEA countries.

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This page is dedicated to information that you, as students who are applying with a degree from an EU/EEA country, will find useful.

(Please note that the information available here is in addition to and not instead of the general requirements information found on and the specific requirements for the Master's programme which is found on the specific programme page.)

Chalmerists' Stories - European students at Chalmers

Below you can read the stories of Henrii and Ivo and their thoughts about the Chalmers they have come to love.  You can also read other such stories at the page for Chalmerists' Stories and also follow the lives of many of our other student ambassadors as they traverse through their life at Chalmers on the page for Chalmers Student Ambassadors.

"Challenged to learn!"
- Henrii Lillmaa, MSc Embedded Electronic System Design (2014-present); (Contact Me)
"I feel like having entered my personal time machine of networking and knowledge!"
- Ivo Jaanisoo, MSc Design and Construction Project Management (2014-present); (Contact Me)

Transcripts & Supporting Documents

A Bachelor Degree Certificate, a Certificate of Graduation and transcripts (for each year of study) are required to be submitted in original along with officially certified translations.

To ensure that your application is complete and correct please go through the information on the two following links.

Information on required documentation at Chalmers University of Technology
Information on required documentation from for application to Swedish universities (External Link)

English Requirements

European applicants conventionally prove their English proficiency by submitting their scores from competitive English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.

English Requirements for application to Master's programmes at Chalmers University of Technology
Information about English requirements at (External Link)


Generally, students who are EU/EEA or Swiss citizens are exempted from paying tuition and application fees. The exempted countries are listed here.

Estonian citizens may apply for the Alfred Ots Scholarship Fund which amounts to 42,500 SEK per student per semester providing coverage for cost of living.

Keep in mind that, students can hold extra funding in the form of scholarships or grants administered by governmental or non-governmental entities from their own home countries or abroad.

Examples of funding administered by sources other than Chalmers University of Technology are

Swedish Institute (Si) Scholarships (External Link) under Category 2
List of other scholarships compiled by Swedish Institute (External Link)

Please Note: This above list is neither exhaustive nor complete. It is merely a list of examples.

Chalmerists' Stories

Chalmerists' Stories - Read about Chalmerists and stories from their time at Chalmers.

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