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Information for students applying with Chinese degrees.

Ni hao! Welcome!

The page is dedicated to information that you, as students who are applying with a Chinese degree, will find useful. Chalmers University of Technology, welcomes about 1000 international students every year. Of these approximately 200 are non-Europeans. Chinese students form around 25% of this population. In addition to information on transcripts, scholarships and so on, you can also read about Chinese students here at Chalmers and what they feel about their life, studies, our travel plans and much more.

Please note that the information available here is in addition to and not instead of the general requirements information found on and the specific requirements for the Master's programme which is found on the specific programme page.

Next Stop Chalmers - a short guide for newly admitted students
Next Stop Chalmers-Chinese.pdfNext Stop Chalmers-Chinese.pdf

Chat with Chinese Chalmerists

Every Wednesday and Friday you can chat with Chinese students at Chalmers on the QQ, Weibo and Renren platforms. They can tell you about their experiences of studying here. Be aware that the students will not answer any questions related to application and admission. For questions like that, contact
QQ ID: 3110708922
QQ Group ID for 2018 applicants: 165796118
Weibo & QQ: chat every Monday at 12:00-13:00 CET (18:00-19:00 Chinese time)
Connect to Next Stop Chalmers on Weibo
Weibo & QQ: chat every Thursday at 12:00-13:00 CET (18:00-19:00 Chinese time)
Connect to Next Stop Chalmers on Weibo

Chalmerists' Stories - Chinese students at Chalmers

Below you can find Tingting and Wei, two Chinese Chalmerists and the stories they have to tell you about the Chalmers they have come to love. You can read about other Chalmerists and their stories at Chalmerists' Stories.

"Nature and people live side by side which as an architect I find very beautiful."
- Yue Wang

"I like Chalmers simply because there is peace and independence here."

- Wei Li

Scholarship Opportunities for Chinese Applicants

Chalmers has a wide range of scholarships that it's applicants are free to choose from. Some of these scholarships are applicable to specific applicants of specific nationalities. Information on all of these scholarships can be found on the Chalmers Scholarships webpage.

Chalmers Challenges

Chalmers conducts online competitions around the year. Students from around the world are encouraged to participate in these competitions. Prizes for these competitions vary from Amazon vouchers to travel grants. We host more information about our competition on the Chalmers Challenges webpage.  

Transcripts & Supporting Documents

Applicants from independent colleges are required to present a completed degree at the time of application. All documents have to be submitted in the original language along with officially certified translations.

To ensure that your application is complete and correct please go through the information on the two following links.

Further information on required documentation
Further information on required documentation from for application to Swedish universities (External Link)

English Requirements

Chinese applicants conventionally prove their English proficiency by submitting their scores from competitive English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. There is more informaiton on this on our English Requirements webpage. You can also find more information about English requirements at (External Link).

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