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Information for students applying with Brazilian degrees.
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This page is dedicated to information that you, as students who are applying with a Brazilian degree, will find useful.

In addition to information on transcripts, scholarships and so on, you can also read about Brazilian students here at Chalmers and what they feel about their life, studies and much more.

(Please note that the information available here is in addition to and not instead of the general requirements information found on UniversityAdmissions.se and the specific requirements for the Master's programme which is found on the specific programme page.)

Chalmerists' Stories - Brazilian students at Chalmers

Below you can read the stories Maria, Patricia, André, Carolina, Luis, Daniela who are Brazilian Chalmerists have to tell you about the Chalmers they have come to love.  You can also follow - Maria, Carolina and Patricia and many other of our student ambassadors as they traverse through their life at Chalmers on the Chalmers Student Ambassadors page.


"It is not only project management but also fully connected to the construction industry"
- Maria, MSc Design & Construction Project Management ( (2014-present)
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"A bright spot in Swedish culture is the gender equality that you can see everywhere - in university, industry and society in general"
- Patricia, MSc Nanotechnology (2014-present)
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"You can feel that you are part of the university and not just using it!"
- André, MSc Sound and Vibration (2013-present)
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"I realise that Chalmers is indeed a university of excellence!"
- Carolina, MSc Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering (2015-present)
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"I'll be ready for the challenges of a sustainable future!"
- Luis, SwB Construction Industry Innovation and Development (2013)
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"As for the education, it is also fantastic."
- Daniela, MSc Design for Sustainable Development (2011-2013)
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Scholarship Opportunities for Brazilian Applicants

Chalmers has a wide range of scholarships that it's applicants are free to choose from. Some of these scholarships are applicable to specific applicants of specific nationalities. Information on all of these scholarships can be found on the Chalmers Scholarships webpage.

Chalmers Challenges

Chalmers conducts online competitions around the year. Students from around the world are encouraged to participate in these competitions. Prizes for these competitions vary from Amazon vouchers to travel grants. We host more information about our competition on the Chalmers Challenges webpage.

Application for studies

Transcripts & Supporting Documents

Applicants who cannot submit a certified copy of their diploma must submit their Histórico Escolar which states that the degree has been awarded. This must also appear on the Certificado which must also be submitted.

An application will be considered incomplete if only the Conclusão de Curso is submitted.

To ensure that your application is complete and correct please go through the information on the following two links.

Further information on required documentation for studies at Chalmers
Further information on required documentation for studies in Sweden (external link)

English Requirements

Brazilian applicants conventionally prove their English proficiency by submitting their scores from competitive English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. There is more informaiton on this on our English Requirements webpage. You can also find more information about English requirements at UniversityAdmissions.se (External Link).

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