The longer I stay here in Sweden, the longer I would like to stay

I never really thought about a Master’s degree in the beginning of my university years, but as time passed by, the importance of it started dawning upon me. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Logistics Engineering from Northeast Forestry University in China in 2011, I decided to choose a Master’s programme at Chalmers related to supply chain management.

I met Chalmers representatives in Beijing

One of my teachers at University recommended Sweden to me as an educational destination based on his own experience many years ago as a researcher. My survey of the universities in Sweden brought up names such as KTH, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. I chose to apply to Sweden and was admitted to Chalmers. At an education fair in Beijing, I met representatives of the university from whom I got a very warm feeling and this swung my opinion in favour of Chalmers as my next stop.

Constant involvement of practice 

Being a Master's student in Supply Chain Management at Chalmers makes me more confident about my future career. What built my confidence is not only the complete theoretical knowledge, but also a lot of industry immersion (company case, site visits, and guest lectures are in my program). The constant involvement of practice consolidates the theories we learn, and lays a good foundation for my career life in the future.
At Chalmers, student life is quite different compared with that in China: Many assignments are done by teamwork with students from different backgrounds; Being good at paper exams is not any more necessarily meaning good performance, since there are other ways of “exams”: presentations, writing reports, doing projects etc.; Interaction with the faculty is very convenient – you can interrupt the teacher during lectures and raise questions, and address them directly by first names.

Sweden - one of the countries with highest happiness index

Before arriving in Sweden, I did some research, and found that Sweden was one of the countries with highest “Happiness Index”, which means that they were more satisfied with their life and found it easier to feel happy. It is perfectly right, because they celebrate everything all the year round :).
Gothenburg is such a small city, and there are nice people everywhere. They speak very good English, and are kindhearted.
So far, I have been questioned a thousand times: ”Tingting, why did you choose Sweden?” Honestly, the motivation to stay in Sweden now is much stronger than that of choosing this place one and half years ago. The longer I stay here in Sweden, the longer I would like to stay.

Text & Photo: Tingting Li

Tingting Li - My Bio:

  • MSc in Supply Chain Management, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (Sept 2011 - June 2013)
  • BE in Logistics Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, China (2007-2011)

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Published: Tue 15 Jan 2013. Modified: Mon 25 Jan 2016