Chalmerists' Stories

Since we know that you would like to know what Chalmerists (students at Chalmers) think about their university, studies and life here, the city of Gothenburg, Sweden and so on, we are collecting their voices in testimonials, interviews and videos where they relate their stories and views about these topics and more.

​"I am really proud to call myself a Chalmerist and I am very grateful to the university, my professors and all the amazing people I met there."
Ana Isabella, MSc in Environmental Engineering (Nordic Five Tech)

​"I feel like having entered my personal time machine of networking and knowledge."
Ivo Jaanisoo, MSc in Design and Construction Project Management

​"I have become some parts a Swede myself, and I say that in the best sense."
Raghavendra Selvan, MSc in Communication Engineering

​"Chalmers has been an amazing challenge since the very beginning."
Josue, MSc in Industrial Design Engineering

​"I feel like I can already see the bright light of my future here at Chalmers!"
Muhammad Kurnia Bijaksana, MSc in Materials Engineering.

"Choosing Chalmers was a lifetime decision, but I am sure that I made the right choice!"
Johanna, MSc in Quality and Operations Management
​"Challenged to learn"
Henri Lillmaa, MSc in Embedded Electronic System Design
"Chalmers provides great connections and incredible research for those interested in the energy area."
Fathya, Linneus Palme programme
"Coming to Chalmers is one of the best decisions I have made in my life!"
Juana, Erasmus Mundus MSc in Industrial Ecology
"To get enrolled at Chalmers and CSE is the best thing that ever happened."Haifeng, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Design "Chalmers offers lots of opportunities for students to write industrial thesis."
Adit, MSc in Computer Systems and Networks
"The longer I stay here in Sweden, the longer I would like to stay"
Tingting, MSc Supply Chain Management
"The professors here are really determined to make us comprehend everything they teach us in class."
Fitria, Erasmus Mundus, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Master’s programme
"You can feel that you are part of the university and not just using it!"
André, MSc Sound and Vibration
"I realise that Chalmers is indeed a university of excellence!"
Carolina, CsF - Sustainable Chemical Engineering
"Some things need to take time"
Jennifer, MSc Interaction Design and Technologies
"I’m constantly powered by the drive to develop and improve"
Johanna, Bachelor Student (Industrial Economics) & President of the Student Union 2013-14
"It’s dangerous to base too much on yourself"
Tomas, Alumni (Information Technology)
"Awareness has been there for a good while!"
Henrik, Alumni (Mechanical Engineering) & Part-time Doctoral Student at Chalmers
"I'll be ready for the challenges of a sustainable future!"
Luis, CsF - Construction, innovation and development
"Chalmers is an amazing place to study!"
Ismael, MSc Product Development
"As you can see, I am happy!"
Peter, MSc Electric Power Engineering
"It's the small details that make the big difference!"
Carlos, MSc Structural and Building Engineering
"I would totally recommend Chalmers!"
Alfredo, MSc Production Engineering
"If I could travel back in time, I would choose Chalmers again!"
Abdulrahman, MSc Electric Power Engineering
"I have no regrets about my decision to come here!"
Bharat, MSc Automotive Engineering
"Simply because there is peace and independence here"
Li, MSc Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering
"In Chalmers, students have the opportunity to pursue industrial thesis."
Srikar, Doctoral Candidate (Signals and Systems)

Published: Tue 20 Nov 2012. Modified: Wed 28 Jun 2017