Chalmers is an amazing place to study!

A great university in a city that runs like clockwork with amazing landscapes, what more could I ask for?

Ignacio Ismael Ayala from Mexico. Masters in Product Development, at Chalmers University and Chalmers Master Card scholarship holder.

Chalmers was always among the top names at mechanical design competitions.

I first knew of Chalmers because of the Formula Student competition, I was part of the team from the National University of Mexico that participated in the American version of the event and when we benchmarked the top European teams Chalmers was always present. I chose to apply to CTH after looking at the Master's programs in the web page, they stood out from others I had seen in that they are very well planned and include several opportunities to work with companies in class projects. When I was notified some months after applying that I had been awarded the Chalmers MasterCard scholarship I was very excited, at that point it became certain that I would be coming to Gothenburg.

The study atmosphere here is better than I imagined.

Chalmers is an amazing place to study, it has an study atmosphere that combines friendliness and highly demanding studies in a way that I hadn't seen before. I didn't expect to find such a big variety of social activities and events in the campus, it helps a lot to create a real community of students. Group work is very important at Chalmers, group assignments are often the basis for the courses and when it is time for exams the whole environment changes, you see study groups everywhere all the time, it seems like everyone joins and help each other to prepare for the test. The 2 study periods per semester system is different from what we have in Mexico, it keeps the learning momentum high all the time and one needs to start working in the course projects from the very beginning to be able to finish on time.

The order in the city is in big contrast with what I'm used to in Mexico city.

I grew up in Mexico City with something close to 20 million people around me, I think that's what makes the biggest difference for me being in Gothenburg now, it is a much calmer place and you can get almost anything you want at walking distance from the University. The public transportation system is very good here, the trams and blue busses give the city an special vibe as well. You see all kinds of people using them, from groups of children going home after school by themselves to older people and parents with strollers, and it works perfectly for everyone. It's nice to see that because in my home city we have some trouble with oversaturated public transport.

Gothenburg is very welcoming to foreign students.

The weather in Gothenburg is in general quite colder than in Mexico but the friendliness of its people and the beauty of the city have given me a warm feeling, during  the past couple of months I have truly felt like the city and the university accepted me as one of them, when I arrived it was still the end of the summer and I was surprised of how hot it was, I somehow expected Sweden to be always cold. Then came the autumn and it was very colorful, some of the shades of red that I saw in the trees were quite new for me and the city looked really nice. There hasn't been much snow yet but I'm looking forward to that in January and February because we don't get snow in Mexico City.

Lastly I will mention that it is funny how Mexican food is so popular here, I didn't expect to find a whole shelf with taco ingredients at the supermarket, although they are a bit different from the ones we have in Mexico.

Ignacio Ismael Ayala - My Bio:

  • MSc in Product Development, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (2013 – present)
  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico (2006 - 2011)
  • Questions about my experiences at Chalmers:

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