Tomasz Matuszczyk

“It’s dangerous to base too much on yourself” 

MIT student Tomasz Matuszczyk is driven by the desire to create, solve problems and help others attain heights they did not think possible. Such an ambition requires the engineering spirit, creativity and business sense. With the will to think big and without limits, combined with a large portion of dynamic determination, nothing is impossible.
During a relatively short career, Tomasz has founded Tablefinder, a company providing table bookings via the net, the social network Tuenti and the Bibulu service that brings dog owners and dog sitters together. Bibilu came about when Tomasz met another dog owner in the park who suggested a social network for dogs, by which families could swap services. Tomasz was sceptical and instead looked at what alternatives existed to dog sitting. He found a large demand for a more economic and closer-at-hand alternative to the traditional dog kennel.

Tomasz likes to sound out ideas with family and friends. And with strangers, who might be potential users of the end product, or people with an interesting slant on an idea. All depending at which stage in his ideas he finds himself.

What ideas are you thinking about right now?
Among others, about how to enable people to test their sight themselves, instead of going to an optician. More and more people are buying lenses and spectacles on the Net, but we still need to visit the optician to find out what strengths we need.

What do you base things on when you come up with new ideas?
Could be something I’ve experienced, heard about or read about. Of course, it’s easier to base an idea on something I’ve experienced myself, but unfortunately my own problems are seldom sufficiently common to attract a market large enough to establish a viable product . It can be dangerous to base things on yourself too much.

What have you been using from your education, apart from pure knowledge?
Several key people in both Tablefinder and Tuenti come from Chalmers. Nothing I’ve done post education would have been possible without Chalmers and the contacts I’ve made there. I learnt not only to think without limits, but also the knowledge and systematic way of thinking needed to put my ideas into practice.

What do you look forward to doing most when you have any time to spare?
I don’t have much, but when I do I like to spend it with my wife and my dog.

NAME: Tomasz Matuszczyk, student at the MIT Sloan School of Management 
EDUCATION AT CHALMERS: studied Information Technology, recipient of the Rune Andersson scholarship​

Published: Wed 12 Feb 2014. Modified: Fri 14 Feb 2014