I will be prepared for the challenges of a sustainable future!

Chalmers is a Swedish University, therefore shaped in a well structured and incredibly organized society, which ranks at Top 10 in Human Development Index (HDI).

Luis Fernando from Brazil, Science without Borders student in Construction Industry Innovation and Development, 2013/14.

I'm studying at an international university!

Hej! My name is Luis Fernando and I’m from Londrina, Brazil. As I write this, I have just finished my first exams at Chalmers as a student of the Science without Borders programme doing Master courses related to Construction and Project Management.

Where it all began....

It all began in 2011 during a trip to Sweden. I was impressed by the efficiency and organizational level of Sweden which was one among the top 10 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) list. Naturally, Sweden became my first choice when I decided that I’d like to study abroad. Spending a year abroad studying is a great opportunity to develop not only my personal skills but also professional, and so I began looking for universities that would suit my needs.

I found Chalmers!

Chalmers University of Technology provides an excellent infrastructure with lots of facilities for their students. The concepts of sustainability and innovation are constantly highlighted and it is amazing how expressive is the endeavour to understand and put into action such important issues. I believe that, this is exactly why, just like me, many other students from countries around the world also choose Chalmers. As a result of that, I could find here an international environment which provides a range of academic and cultural experiences.

I will be successful in contributing to the wellness of my community!

As a student, it is noticeable that professors have a great background in the academic sector – Doctoral, Masters Degrees, PHD, etc. – and a huge knowledge on business and market environment. In addition to that, Chalmers has a close connection with companies and business corporations. In brief, students have the opportunity to increase their relationship with business and real world so they can project a successful career. By the end of the exchange programme, I hope to be able to put all this into society so I can provide real solutions and wellness to my community.

Final words

I want my final words on this testimonial to be in my mother tongue - Portuguese.

Chalmers é uma universidade conceituada, e com toda certeza oferece um oportunidade enorme pra me desenvolver pessoalmente e profissionalmente. Ao final, estarei preparado para os desafios da sustentabilidade, atuar com inovação e excelência no campo da engenharia e contribuir com a sociedade.

Luis Fernando - My Bio:

  • SwB Construction Industry Innovation and Development, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (Sep. 2013 - Jun. 2014)
  • Graduação em Engenharia Civil, Universidade de São Paulo, Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos, Brasil, (Feb. 2010 - in progress)
  • Email: luis_fernandovn@hotmail.com

Text: Abhilash Ram
Photo: Abhilash Ram

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