Josue Enriquez

Hej! My name is Josue, I come from Quito, Ecuador. I study my second year on Industrial Design Engineering MSc at Chalmers. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design.

Why did you choose Chalmers?

My relationship with Sweden started with meeting its people who, contrary to the stereotype, are very friendly. After receiving a scholarship for studies abroad I began looking for universities around the world. I was looking for a leading university in the field of production development and technology and I came across Chalmers. I have always liked the well-defined clarity of Scandinavian design and it’s attractive simplicity on the lines; so the place just seemed perfect by the combination of culture, research and cutting edge technology.

How has your experience at Chalmers been so far?

Chalmers has been an amazing challenge since the very beginning. Meeting new people of different nationalities, different backgrounds and different perspectives about life. This creates an active student environment full of culture and diversity. The university works very closely with the industry and the projects are directed towards real case situations. This develops experience in teamwork, new technologies, manufacturing processes and open industry opportunities for current and further projects. The university is a hub of contacts inside and outside, and great place to create a network for future jobs. One of my favorite places on   campus is the study rooms, which are regularly full of people all the time, even on Sundays. It is inspiring to watch the students immerse in work as the full time studying is real. Sometimes studying goes even overnight, so if you like to study the whole night, you will not be alone.  Hard work at Chalmers is not an oddity; it’s the norm and it’s what is expected from you.

What were the things that impressed you the most?

My first impressions were related to digital aspects. There is almost no physical money running in Sweden and no one seems to miss the cash. You use your card even for buying a cinnamon bun, essential for the Swedish fika (coffee break). There is always time for a coffee break in class. You take ten minutes to stretch your legs, talk about the weather, get some fresh air, have a coffee, discuss about the culture and the food and then come back to work ready to focus again.

What do you think about Gothenburg and Sweden?

Gothenburg is a perfectly sized city, not so crowded and packed and at the same time you have malls, supermarkets, theatres and even a theme park just ten minutes from the city centre. The architecture is nice and rich in details and there are green areas everywhere. However, an umbrella is always needed. There are two places you have to know as a student at Chalmers: the library and Andra Långgatan. This is the place to go out after work, enjoy an evening with friends and hang out, with a limited budget. The overall experience at Chalmers has been challenging, renewing and very rewarding in both academic and personal aspects.

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Text and picture: Josue Enriquez
Edited by: Oana Georgescu

Published: Fri 18 Sep 2015.