Fathyah Hanum Pamungkaningtyas

“Doing research at Chalmers is such an enormous experience for me. Chalmers provides great connections and incredible research for those interested in the energy area.”


My name is Fathyah Hanum Pamungkaningtyas. I am an exchange student from Gadjah Mada
University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am currently doing my undergraduate thesis research about biogas at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Chalmers. I got here through the
Linnaeus Palme programme. To be honest, I was not the one who chose Chalmers, it was a co-operation between my university and Chalmers, but now I love the idea of this collaboration.
I have a big interest in the waste-to-energy topic and Sweden is known as an outstanding country towards its waste-to-energy system. This would be hard to achieve without support from universities and now I know that Chalmers is one of the reasons behind Sweden’s well organised waste-to-energy system. Chalmers offers many research opportunities within the energy area.

Being an exchange student at Chalmers feels…

Great! That is the most suitable word to describe my feeling. Chalmers has superb facilities that are easy to access by ant student, even an international student like me. As an undergraduate student, I have limit access to some of the analysis equipment at my home university due to its limited number, but here at Chalmers I can easily access it. That is why Chalmers helps me a lot to improve my skills for doing some analysis related to my research.
The Chalmers Library is also my favourite part. Having access to university library that subscribes to almost every academic articles has helped me to explore my references. I can even download e-books as my references within a few minutes.
The other interesting point of Chalmers is the fact that it is an international university where
I can find students from around the world. Making friends is always an exciting experience. Moreover, interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds helped me change my mind-set and broadened my knowledge more than anything. It allowed me to find new ways of looking at the world.
Finally, I am so grateful having the opportunity to do research here at Chalmers so that I know more
about this university. I would like to say “Terima kasih Chalmers!”.

My Bio:

  • Undergraduate student in Food and Agricultural Product Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2011 – present)
  • Exchange student at Chalmers University  of Technology through the Linneus Palme programme
  • My email address: fh.pamungkaningtyas@ymail.com
Text: Fathyah Hanum Pamungkaningtyas
Edited by: Oana Georgescu
Photo: Private

Published: Mon 30 Mar 2015.