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Our student ambassadors are students who have taken time from their hectic schedules to help you find the answers to your questions and show you what it can be like to be a student at Chalmers.

​"Gothenburg is a perfect home away from home and Chalmers is where I met my second family. The international environment in Chalmers has given me the chance to learn about so many things in a fascinating way. I just love it!"
~ Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari, Indonesia
MSc. Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability, 2016-2018

"Chalmers motivates me to progress towards a better life. We are taught how to think differently while holding a collective thought process, which makes all the experiences here quite enrichin​g!"
~ Bharat Mehta, India​
MSc. Materials Engineering, 2017-2019

“Amazing student life, groundbreaking research and a direct contact with leading tech industries make Chalmers the perfect place to be for dreamers and doers.”​
~ Christophe Hoyek, Lebanon​
MSc. Biomedical Engineering, 2017-2019

​Eeva Maarja Laur, Estonia
MSc. Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability, 2017-2019

"Gothenburg is the most compact city I've ever been to and Chalmers in the heart of it, connecting industry and students. Simply, I love it!"
~ ​Efe Mert Öngener, Turkey
MSc. Management and Economics of Innovation, 2017-2019

"At Chalmers, there are many opportunities and challenges, all you have to do is to take the opportunity, challenge yourself, and make your dream come true."
~ Heyu Qin, China
MSc. Computer Science Algorithms, Language and Logic, 2017-2019

​Jaswanth Subramanyam, India
MSc. Physics and Astronomy, 2017-2019

"The limit does not exist. It's a phrase that I've heard in calculus. Now Chalmers has given me the tools to use it also in life by taking the limit as far as I want."
~ Karen Ivette Baca, Mexico
MSc. Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science, 2017-2019

​Laura Guerrero Orozco, Colombia
MSc. Biomedical Engineering, 2017-2019

"I truly believe that when we leave our comfort zone, new exciting experiences will happen. For me, Chalmers opened up a world of possibilities for my career and personal development. The sustainability and technology focus made me broaden the concepts I had about my profession. I can say I learn something new everyday and I couldn't be happier with the choice I have made!"​​
~ Ligia Tapia, Brazil
MSc. Architecture and Planning beyond Sustainability, 2017-2019 

​Mariana Manrique, Mexico
MSc. Interaction Design and Technologies, 2017-2019

​Marius Johr, Germany
MSc. Product Development, 2017-2019

​Mohsin Ul Hassan Syed, Pakistan​
MSc. Electric Power Engineering, 2017-2019

"CHALMERS is to me is more than just a school, it’s a place that has made me appreciate being a part of bigger things than myself whilst allowing me to enjoy not only the ACADEMICS but the FUN side too…"
Monica Botha, Zambia
MSc. Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering

"I always find ways to acquire knowledge and skills in life, and Chalmers is one of the solutions."
~ ​Noppakod Ariyaphonphiroon, Thailand
Msc. Sustainable Energy Systems, 2017-2019

"I like how Chalmers welcomes diversity on the campus, and everyone is so friendly. It's been a perfect place to build an academic and professional life while having fun and making friends; everything is in balance. It offers an abundance of opportunities, what you need is simply to grab it!"
~ Nurina Heratri, Indonesia
MSc. International Project Management, 2017-2019

"Chalmers is Hogwarts. Prospective students are eager to come in; current student don't want to leave; Graduated students want to come back. Everyday is a magical journey."
~ Peiyu Wu, Taiwan​
MSc. Design and Construction Project Management

"Chalmers is a favorable destination for researcher, engineer and who craving for learning, we build up innovation, sustainable society and connections."
​~ Phonphan Nawilaijaroen, Thailand
MSc. Biotechnology, 2017-2019

"Being a Chalmerist opens up the door to a world of privileges and I feel privileged at each step of my student life here. So if people ask you why Chalmers, reply them politely 'because it's Chalmers'"​
~ Raihan Abir, Bangladesh​
MSc. Structural Engineering and Building Technology, 2017-2019

"People at home think I’m crazy for pursuing a degree so far away, but Chalmers is absolutely the right choice for me."
​~ Rebecca Gillie, USA
MSc. Sound and Vibration, 2017-2019

"Chalmers has been an amazing platform for me to learn and grow and has provided a stage to nurture my interests and hobbies. Not only that but it boasts of world class amenities with an international mindset and wonderful down-to-earth professors. Chalmers has truly been a wonderful experience."
~ ​Sangeeth Gandhi, India
MSc. Product Development, 2017-2019
"If you are searching a higher education for innovation and technology among smart and passionate people from all over the world, Chalmers would be your best choice.  Plus, with all the activities and events happening on the campus or in the city of Gothenburg, you will never get bored.  It is all about the perfect work-life balance!"
~ Sophy Jonasson​, China
MSc. International Project Management, 2017-2019

​Wade Rosko, USA​
MSc. Complex Adaptive Systems, 2017-2019

Published: Tue 29 May 2018. Modified: Thu 19 Jul 2018