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Our student ambassadors are students who have taken time from their hectic schedules to help you find the answers to your questions and show you what it can be like to be a student at Chalmers.

"Everyone has what they dare to do. I dared to dream and look for a university that would meet my educational aspirations. I chose Chalmers, which apart from solid education gives me the opportunity to make international contacts, develop my interests, but also offers a lot of activities and is located in the heart of the beautiful, green Gothenburg."
~ Aleksandra Pucołowska, Poland
MSc. Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability, 2018-2020

"Chalmers is the place where the theory of accumulation is applied. A conglomerate of events, ideas, cultures, and attitudes under the same dome where you, as a student, can witness and absorb on daily basis, with no limits, no efforts, but just fun!"
~ Ayoub Chkairi, Morocco / Italy
MSc. Architecture and Urban Design, 2018-2020

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"Chalmers provides us not only with knowledge but also with opportunities, resources and the confidence necessary to get out of our comfort zone and conquer the career we desire."
~ Bernard Maillard, Brazil / France
MSc. Entrepreneurship and Business Design , 2018-2020

"Being in Chalmers fills me with pride, because since I arrived they have shown me that I am in the best place to learn, make friends, and achieve the goals I have in life. Sweden is wonderful, especially Gothenburg is a beautiful city and the people are very kind that make you feel welcome, but studying in Chalmers makes you feel at home."
~ Dante Landa Vega, Mexico
MSc. Complex Adaptive Systems , 2018-2020

"Amazing, open-minded people from all over the world. Balanced lifestyle. Great academics. Hands down, attending Chalmers was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"
~ Emma Norden, USA
MSc. Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability, 2018-2020

"Chalmers is not just a place to gain knowledge. It is also connecting with people from all walks of life, and being challenged in many different ways"
.~ Haining Liu, China
MSc. Interaction Design and Technologies, 2018-2020

"For me, studying abroad was not only about applying for a high ranked university and doing my research and education. More often  It was about living my life and taking it as a lifestyle. At this point, I recommend every one, Sweden, as a welfare society and nice people, Gothenburg as a big city with all the possible opportunities but quite and calm and CHALMERS as the best society for a student life and a fair chance at success."
~ Hossein Farimani, Iran
MSc. Industrial Design Engineering, 2018-2020

"I feel like Chalmers is presenting endless opportunities for me and it is teaching me so much. I am not only learning in my field of studies, but also learning how to be a better person. With always ongoing activities on campus, everything is so much more fun."
~ Ivana Pepic, Serbia
MSc. Biomedical Engineering, 2018-2020

"Chalmers is not only a university. Chalmers is where you can learn, have fun, be yourself, and the home of innovations are being created."
~ Jidapa Asakit, Thailand
MSc. Automotive Engineering , 2018-2020

"In Chalmers as in Sweden, I enjoy the company of open people, open spaces, and open knowledge."
 Jose Arturo Mejia Cardenas, Spain / Mexico
MSc. Design and Construction Project Management, 2018-2020

"Knowledge, skills, and experience are the most valuable tools we could ever ask for. For me, Chalmers is a place that sharpens knowledge, hones skills, and boost experience. I won't say no to the opportunity to be a Chalmerist, and now, here I am."
~ Kanhokthorn Grace Leadkeattiwong, Thailand

MSc. Software Engineering and Technology, 2018-2020

"Chalmers is truly a place full of opportunities. Every day here is another chance to make amazing friends from all over the world, expand your knowledge in your field with a focus on sustainability and innovation and get one step closer to your dream job through the close links with industries. Since the day I started my master's degree, I have had the feeling that being Chalmerist is a great way of investing in my future."
~ Merve Mutlu, Turkey
Msc. Management and Economics of Innovation, 2018-2020

"Student life is golden life and Chalmers helps us to make it ornaments. I am a creative person and so is chalmers where reasearch-oriented studies put us in right track of achieving our dreams"
~ Prasanna Kotrappa, India
MSc. Embedded Electronic System Design, 2018-2020

"In Chalmers, you will find a vibrant community where Innovation is celebrated and embraced. You will be forced to challenge yourself and create great things in a dynamic city as Gothenburg known for being an entrepreneurship hub in Sweden."
~ Rich Zapata Rosas, Mexico / Spain
MSc. Entrepreneurship and Business Design, 2018-2020

"Studying abroad is a very fascinating thing for me to explore everything new in life and develop myself better. Being a Chalmerist opens every chance and gives a way to reach my goals as an international student from 10000 km away from home country. The educational system and everyday student life here just amazing!"
~ Sarah Zulfa Khairunnisa, Indonesia
MSc. Nanotechnology, 2018-2020

“Chalmers is not just a university, it’s a journey with its own mix of surprises to be experienced atleast once in a lifetime. Being an engineer, former defence scientist and a student again, I still get enthralled by the opportunities that Chalmers provide. One of the most important take-away for me is the inter-cultural experience I am gaining here.”
~ Shilpa Gupta, India
MSc. Embedded Electronic System Design, 2018-2020

"Chalmers is the quintessential engineering school with loads of fun traditions, activities, and committees to take part in. There’s never a dull day at Chalmers."
~ Spencer Mason, Canada
MSc. Sound and Vibration, 2018-2020

"It is not about how we differ, but how we embrace our uniqueness. Chalmers Is the perfect place to learn,meet the best people and grow in all aspects"
~ Tejaswini Priyanka Ravi Kumar, India
MSc. Computer Systems and Networks, 2018-2020

"Studying at Chalmers is like living in a global village where you meet and work with people from different culture backgrounds everyday. With a great work-life balance, student life at Chalmers is the perfect interpretation of the Swedish 'lagom' - not too little, not too much. It's just... right!" 
~ Yuning Li, China
MSc. Electric Power Engineering , 2018-2020

Published: Wed 24 Jun 2020.