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Living in Gothenburg and Sweden

Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden, is the biggest port in the Nordic region. It is a city of bridges, hills, water, trams and seafood restaurants. With its 500 000 inhabitants, Gothenburg combines the safety and intimacy of the small town with the possibilities of the big city. The city has a friendly atmosphere with plenty of cafés, restaurants and pubs, wide avenues and beautiful parks and gardens.

A research-intensive region

Among the ten largest companies in the Gothenburg region are research-intensive industries like telecom giant Ericsson and Pharmaceutical corporation AstraZeneca. A cornerstone of the  regional development is of course the automotive industry, led by Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks.

Together with ball bearing specialist SKF and major chemical companies such as Akzo Nobel and Eka Chemicals, these companies attract subcontractors, which in turn have a positive effect on the region. Chalmers of course maintains close relations with many of them.

Culture, nature and shopping on walking distance

Gothenburg has a compact city centre, so many of the main sights are within easy walking distance. The main thoroughfare, The Avenue (Avenyn), links the harbour with the cultural attractions at Götaplatsen, with a host of shops and entertainment venues along the way. Liseberg, Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park, is also centrally located, along with the trade fair and exhibition centres. Gothenburg is a popular venue for international events, conferences and concerts.

The city also has some beautiful parks with top-class botanical collections and a strong cultural tradition. The Concert Hall at Götaplatsen is the home of the national orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. The Art Museum (Konstmuseet) has one of the most comprehensive collections of Nordic art (Nordic Light) with works by famous artists like Carl Larsson. The Opera House (GöteborgsOperan) is famous for its architecture, its waterfront location and its modern interpretations of well-known works.

Many interesting excursions in West Sweden

There are three main provinces with contrasting landscapes waiting to be explored in West Sweden; Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland, all right on the doorstep of our cosmopolitan city of Gothenburg.

North of Gothenburg is the Bohuslän west coast and its fantastic archipelago, which is perfect for sailing, fishing, diving and swimming. The whole area has a strong cultural tradition and many historic sights, including beautiful castles and manor-houses. The picturesque Göta Canal runs right through the region.
In Dalsland you can explore remote countryside with forests, lakes and canals. It’s a landscape which is tailor-made for outdoor activities like walking, canoeing and fishing.

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