Cost of living

Estimation of living expenses

As a student you will have additional costs (apart from tuition fees, when applicable) related to living expenses. These include food, accommodation, transport, books and other living expenses.
Approximate monthly expenses for a student in Gothenburg:
  • Accommodation  SEK 4000 – 6300
  • Food SEK 2500 
  • Course literature SEK 750 (SEK 3000 per semester)
  • Telephone/internet SEK 400
  • Local travel (30-day period ticket) SEK 795* 
  • Clothing, hobby/leisure SEK 1400
  • Insurance, hygiene, other SEK 1000
Total per month: SEK 10845 - 13145

* Within Gothenburg Zone A, without student discount (students get 25% discount on period tickets)  

Opening a bank account in Sweden

  • There are several banks you can choose from so make sure to ask about possible service fees before deciding which one to choose.
  • If you intend to study in Sweden for more than one year, you can receive a personal identity number which will make it easier for you to open a bank account.
  • Are you staying in Sweden for less than a year it will be harder to open a bank account. However, the bank SEB accepts international students as clients.
  • Cheques are generally not accepted and banks do not handle large amount of money, so make sure to get the money/card situation sorted as soon as you can.
  • Bills are generally paid through online banking and your bank can help you set this up.
  • You can read more about bank accounts in Sweden on the Swedish Banker’s Association website​.

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