Cost of living

Estimation of living expenses

As a student at Chalmers you will have additional costs (apart from tuition fees, when applicable) related to living expenses. These include food, accommodation, transport, books and other living expenses.
Approximate monthly expenses for a student in Gothenburg:
  • Accommodation  SEK 4000 – 6000 (average 5000 SEK)
  • Food 2500 SEK
  • Course literature 750 SEK (3000 SEK per semester)
  • Telephone/internet 400 SEK
  • Local travel 469* - 1039** SEK
  • Clothing, hobby/leisure 1400 SEK
  • Insurance, hygiene, other 1000 SEK
Total: 10519 - 13089 SEK

* Within Gothenburg with student discount
** Two zones with student discount

Living cost required for a residence permit

When applying for a residence permit in Sweden, admitted Master's students need to provide the Swedish Migration Agency with a financial statement, proving that they will be able to sustain their living expenses for the entire study period in Sweden. The amount of money needed is determined by the Swedish Migration Agency. 

Currently the requirement is SEK 7974 per month and the study period is calculated as 10 months per year. Therefore, students who intend to study a whole Master's programme of two years will have to show financial means for 20 months.
For more information, including how to apply for a residence permit and the financial requirements, visit the website of the Swedish Migration Agency.
Swedish Migration Agency

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Published: Fri 26 Nov 2010. Modified: Wed 15 Nov 2017