Tuition fees at Chalmers

For studies at Chalmers, application and tuition fees are required for some students

Do I have to pay tuition fees at Chalmers?

No tuition fees for EU/EEA students
Higher education in Sweden is free for students coming from countries within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Here you will find a list of the countries.

Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students
Students who are citizens of a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland are required to pay tuition fees for higher education in Sweden. However, there are certain exceptions.

No tuition fees for exchange students
Exchange students are exempted from tuition fees in accordance with their agreements.

No tuition fees for Foundation year students
The foundation year at Chalmers is taught in Swedish only and is called Tekniskt basår. The foundation year is at the upper-secondary education level and there is no tuition fee.


Price categories
From 2023 there will be new tuition fees for all our programmes. The new tuition fees will only be affecting students who enrol from the academic year 2023 and after.

  • Programmes at both bachelor's and master's level within all subject areas, with the exception of Architecture, cost SEK 80 000/semester (SEK 320 000 total programme fee, four semesters).
  • The tuition fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes within the field of Architecture is SEK 105 000 per semester (SEK 420 000 total programme fee, four semesters). Consequently, students admitted to Chalmers’ Master’s Programmes within the field of Architecture, namely Architecture and urban design and Architecture and planning beyond sustainability, are incurred the aforementioned fee of SEK 105 000 per semester.
  • Single subject courses cost SEK 2 667/credit, with the exception of courses within the field of Architecture, which cost SEK 3 500/credit.

What does the tuition fee include?

For students who are admitted to a degree programme the tuition fee includes:

  • Full-time bachelor's or master's-level studies; 30 credits/semester
  • One offer of accommodation but not rent
  • One introductory course on the Swedish language for newly admitted students during the first semester​
  • Student union fee (no more than five semesters)
​For students who are admitted to single subject courses the tuition fee includes:
  • Single subject course studies
  • The student union membership fee
Students who are enrolled in courses that amount to more than 60 credits per annum will be liable to pay for the surplus credits. Students who complete their courses quicker than the prescribed duration of the Master’s programme (i.e. two academic years) will not be entitled to any tuition fee reduction.

Payment of tuition fees


Please direct question regarding the tuition fee, payment, deadline of payment etc. to​​

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