Scholarships for Master's studies

Scholarships are a great source of funding for Master's students who are liable to pay tuition fees. Some of these are administrated by Chalmers and others by external institutions. Additional scholarships may be appended to the list and applicants are therefore encouraged to check this webpage regularly.
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Scholarships for Master's studies, administrated by Chalmers

There is a separate application for scholarships administrated by Chalmers. You can apply after you have submitted your programme application at, since you will have to identify yourself with that application number. The scholarships that are listed below are applicable to prospective students only. You apply prior to the first academic year at Chalmers, it is not open to current students. The scholarship offers are valid for 2 years of study, under certain conditions. The conditions are outlined in the Scholarship Regulations.

No restrictions of complementary funding

Being granted alternative or complementary funding from external patrons does not affect the possibility of obtaining scholarships from Chalmers as an applicant's financial status is not taken into account during the nomination process.

The Avance​z Scholarships

75% tuition fee waivers awarded by Chalmers. These scholarships are available to all fee-paying students. Avancez! is the  motto of the university founder William Chalmers.
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The IPOET (International Programme Office for Education and Tra​ining) Scholarships

75% tuition fee waivers funded by the Government of Sweden and administrated by Chalmers. These scholarships are available to all fee-paying students.

Th​e Sievert Larsson Scholarship Fund (within Friends of Chalmers)

100% tuition fee waivers and living expenses awarded to students with citizenship from Thailand.
The scholarship is valid for studies on Engineering Master's programmes.

The Vol​vo Group Scholarship Programme

100% tuition fee waivers awarded to students with Indian and Chinese citizenship.
The scholarships include possibilities for internships during the summer, a final Master thesis project, mentorship and possible employment at Volvo Group.

The Chalmers Maste​rCard Scholarship​

(Will not be awarded in 2023)
Awarded to a Master's programme applicant from Central or South America (including Mexico).
A 280 000 SEK reduction of the tuition fees during the Master's programme (4 semesters/2 years).

The US Friends ​of Chalmers Scholarship

100% tuition fee waivers awarded to students with US citizenship.​
The scholarship is funded by US Friends of Chalmers and administrated by Chalmers, for studies on Engineering Master's programmes.

Adlerbert Stu​dy Scholarships 

100% tuition fee waivers funded by the Adlerbert Foundations and administrated by Chalmers, for students who are citizens of one of 143 specified countries.

Chalmers associated scholarship organisations


Chalmers cooperates with COLFUTURO providing scholarship opportunities for prospective Colombian Chalmers students.

External scholarships, administrated by other organizations

​Alfred Ots Scholarship Fu​nd for Estonian students

The fund award up to 10 scholarships annually to prospective Master's students who are citizens of Estonia. The scholarship covers 8500 SEK/month for three semesters. 

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

Do you have ambition to become a leader within your field of expertise, contributing to a global sustainable development? Then you might want to read more. Global Professionals is a highly sought after, fully-funded international scholarship programme for master's level studies in Sweden. 
Chalmers do not administrate or answer questions regarding the Swedish Institute scholarships. Please take note any questions must be directed to the Swedish Institute only.
Students will be awarded only one scholarship funded by the Swedish Government. But keep in mind that students can hold extra funding in the form of scholarships or grants administrated by governmental or non-governmental entities from their own home countries or abroad, in addition to a scholarship awarded by Chalmers or the Swedish Institute.
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The Global Study Awards 

Offers up to 90 000 GBP to 9 students each year. 


Scholarships for Development is a database of scholarships open to students from developing countries.​

Scholarships for enrolled students at Chalmers

Find out more about the scholarships available for current Master's students that are administrated by Chalmers. The information is published at Chalmers Student portal.
Scholarships for enrolled students at Chalmers

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