Scholarships are a great source of funding for Master's students who are liable to pay tuition fees. Chalmers University of Technology offers numerous scholarship opportunities. Some of these are administered by the university itself and others by external institutions. Below you will find links to scholarships for both prospective and current students. 

Scholarships administered by Chalmers

The scholarship application portal is not yet open for the academic year 2017/18.

The information below will be updated during October-November 2016.

Please note that additional scholarships may be appended to the below list. Applicants are therefore encouraged to check this webpage regularly.

  • The Avancez Scholarships are 75% tuition fee waivers awarded by Chalmers University of Technology and are funded by the Chalmers Foundation. These scholarships are available to all students who are liable to pay tuition fees i.e., students with non-EU/EEA nationality.
  • The IPOET (International Programme Office for Education and Training) Scholarships are 75% tuition fee waivers funded by the Government of Sweden. They are  awarded by Chalmers University of Technology and available to all fee-paying students.
  • The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Fund (within Friends of Chalmers) offers a 100% tuition fee waiver and living expenses to students of Thai nationality who aim to study on a Master’s programme at Chalmers University of Technology.
  • The Volvo Car Corporation Scholarships are 100% tuition fee waivers awarded to 2 Chinese students with the guarantee of participation in the VESC (Volvo Engineering Student Concept) programme which includes a summer job, master thesis project, mentorship and possible employment at Volvo Car Corporation.
  • The Volvo Group Scholarship Programme is a 100% fee tuition fee waiver awarded to students of Indian nationality and Chinese nationality. The Scholarship includes possibilities for internships during the summer, a final Master thesis project and mentorship.
  • The Chalmers MasterCard Scholarship (Not awarded in 2016) Available biennially for a Master's student from Central America, South America or Mexico. The scholarship comprises a 280 000 SEK reduction of the tuition fee (70 000 SEK reduction/ semester).
  • The US Friends of Chalmers Scholarship - One scholarship will be offered in 2016 to a US applicant. The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fee for studies on Engineering Master's Programmes at Chalmers.
  • Adlerbert Study Scholarships are 100% tuition fee waivers. Five scholarships will be awarded in 2016 to students who are citizens of one of the 143 specified countries. The scholarship comprises a full tuition fee waiver and  is funded by the the Adlerbert Foundations.
  • The Lars Eriksson Scholarship is funded through a generous donation made by Chalmers alumnus Lars Eriksson. It will be awarded as a 100% tuition fee waiver in 2016 to one applicant from Latin America. The scholarship can be awarded for studies on any of Chalmers Master's Programmes, with the exception of Architecture and Urban Design and Design for Sustainable Development.

Note: Being granted alternative funding from external patrons does not affect the possibility of obtaining scholarships from Chalmers as an applicant's financial status is not taken into account during the nomination process.

Scholarships for Estonian students

  • Alfred Ots Scholarship Fund - Up to 10 scholarships awarded annually to prospective Master's students who are citizens of Estonia. The scholarship covers 8500 SEK/month for three semesters.

Scholarships administered by other organizations

  • The Swedish Institute, a government agency, administers numerous scholarship programmes each year for students and researchers coming to Sweden to pursue their objectives at a Swedish university. Use their online guide in order to find out if any of the Swedish Institute scholarships are available for citizens of your country at your intended level of study.
    The Swedish Institute scholarships

Note: Students will be awarded only one scholarship from Sweden. But keep in mind that students can hold extra funding in the form of scholarships or grants administered by governmental or non-governmental entities from their own home countries or abroad, in addition to a scholarship awarded by Chalmers or SI.

  • The Global Study Awards - Up to 90 000 GBP offered to 9 students starting their studies in 2016. For more information visit Study Portals by clicking the above link.

Scholarships for current students

  • Adlerbert 60th Anniversary Scholarships - Was awarded for the first time during 2014 to fee paying Master's Programme students who were admitted Autumn 2013, including scholarship holders whose scholarships did not include costs of living coverage. This means that, for instance, holders of Swedish Institute scholarships and Sievert Larsson, version 2 scholarships are not eligible to apply. In order to be eligible the applicant must have passed at least 60 credits during the first year of studies. The scholarships, which amount to 60 000 SEK each, are awarded based on the applicants' cumulative grade point average . Around 10 to 20 Scholarships will be offered each year. 
  • Adlerbert Foreign Student Hospitality Fund - Only open for international students who have been admitted to, and enrolled on, a Master's Programme at Chalmers. Thus, prospective students cannot apply. Students can be awarded the scholarship a maximum of two times. The application period opens in the beginning of December and closes in the end of January. Consequently, it is only possible to apply during this period of a student's first and second year.
  • Rotary International Student House Scholarship Fund is a fund that aims to provide financial assistance to foreign gueststudents (non-EU) who are studying at Chalmers University of Technology or Gothenburg University. The application deadline is October 6th.

Published: Wed 28 Nov 2012. Modified: Fri 16 Sep 2016

Scholarship holders meet their sponsors

Scholarship holders meet their sponsors at the house of William Chalmers. Main sponsors: Ericsson, Flexlink, Mölnlycke Health Care, Sievert Larsson, US Friends of Chalmers, Volvo Group, Volvo Car Corporation, Chalmers MasterCard.