Payment of tuition fees

If you are liable to pay tuition fees for studies at Chalmers, you will receive an invoice for the first semester via the e-mail you provided when you applied. You will receive the invoice on the 10 April, after the date of announcement of admissions results. The amount due will be set out in SEK (Swedish Krona). The first academic year, the deadline for payment for the autumn semester tuition fee is 17 May.

The invoice e-mail will contain necessary login details such as your personal customer number and the web link to Chalmers tuition fee payment portal. Access your account at Chalmers tuition fee payment portal with your customer number and birth date (YYMMDD). This will give you access to your current invoice as well as your fee/invoice/payment status at any time. The invoice can be paid either by credit card or wire transfer. See more information about payment methods below.

Questions? Please send questions regarding tuition, payment thereof etc. to:

Terms and Conditions for payment (summary)

  • Students who are liable to pay tuition are conditionally admitted* until the first installment has been paid in full.
  • The tuition fee for the first semester (out of four) will be invoiced as soon as the student has been conditionally admitted.
  • The payment must arrive no later than 17 May the year the student is admitted.
  • Each invoice will cover the tuition fee for one semester.
  • A student who has been awarded a scholarship** by Chalmers will follow the same procedures as all fee paying students.
  • As a non EU/EES citizen you may have been exempted from the application fee since current studies (at the time of application) at a Swedish university entitles you to an exemption.  This does not automatically exempt you from paying tuition at Chalmers.
  • Chalmers will notify the Swedish Migration board when the tuition fee has been paid in full. Note the importance of submitting the application for a student permit as soon as possible.  You may apply as soon as you receive an offer of a study seat at Chalmers.

​*) Admitted students who are required to pay tuition fees according to Swedish law are conditionally admitted until the tuition fee has been paid in full and by the deadline specified on the invoice.

**) Any scholarship granted by Chalmers will be deducted from the tuition fee and the invoice will state the tuition fee after the deduction specific to each scholarship. The scholarship amount may increase after the first year for the IPOET and the Avancez scholarships and the tuition fee will be altered accordingly.

Full terms and conditions of tuition fee payment
Tuition fees at Chalmers

2nd, 3rd and 4th semester of the Master’s Programme

The student will receive the following invoices approximately one month prior to the start of semester 2, 3 and 4. The payment deadline will be specified on each invoice.

Tuition fees must be paid prior to the start of each semester. The deadlines are

17 May (for the 1st semester)
15 December (semester 2)
15 August (semester 3)
15 December (semester 4)

Payment of tuition fee

Please note that the tuition fee specified on each invoice must be paid in full for the student to start/continue his/her studies at Chalmers. This includes any bank charges and/or currency differences. The tuition fee will not be considered fully paid if these charges are deducted from the paid tuition fee amount.
At the payment portal it is possible to follow the status of the invoice regardless of payment form (what amount has been received by Chalmers and when).


  • Payment by credit card

Chalmers recommends payment by credit card and accepts VISA and MasterCard.

The payment is made at the tuition fee payment portal
To login to the payment portal you need your customer number and birth date (YYMMDD).

The amount paid will be debited to your credit card immediately and the payment registered as in progress (the status shown at your account regarding the current invoice.


  • Payment by (bank) wire transfer from another country

For payment to Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) from another country:


IBAN-account: SE88 9500 0099 6042 4589 3583

Bank address: Nordea Bank Sverige AB, Östra Hamngatan 16, SE-405 09 Göteborg, Sweden

Always state your invoice number (the reference number found on each separate invoice) to insure that each invoice is correctly identified.


  • Payment to Chalmers within Sweden

Plusgiro: 458 93 58-3

Always state your customer number and invoice number (the reference number found on each separate invoice) to insure that each invoice is correctly identified.

Please note that the customer number is unique for the tuition fee payment service at Chalmers and not the same as your application number at

Payment extension

You may apply for an extension of your tuition fee payment if you have applied for a domestic scholarship and are waiting for a decision. In order to get an extension you need to send an email to with a copy of your scholarship application as proof. The email needs to be sent before the tuition fee deadline. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get your residence permit in time for the start of the autumn semester. This is due to the processing time needed by the Swedish Migration Agency. For more information regarding residence permits, contact the Swedish Migration Agency.


Payment by your employer

Information regarding a third part paying your fee shall be submitted to one week after the first selection has been published. The information that we require  is the name of the company or foundation, contact person and contact details.
Tuition fees paid by a third part shall be paid for the complete two years programme (120 credits) in advance. The payment shall be made no later than 17 May. The tuition fee for the two years programmes amounts to 280 000 SEK, except for the two master’s programmes Architecture and Urban Design, and Design for Sustainable Development which amount to 380 000 SEK.


Please send questions regarding tuition, payment etc. to


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