How to apply for scholarships


  1. Apply for a Master's programme
    Scholarship applications will only be processed after the corresponding online application for Master's programmes at has been completed, including having submitted all the required documentation verifying your eligibility and having paid the application fee. Only applicants fulfilling the eligibility requirements for the Master's programmes applied for will be considered for a scholarship.
    How to apply for a Master's programme
  2. Rank your programmes
    The ranking of the Master's programmes that you applied for (no. 1 to 4) is crucial for the assessment of your scholarship application. To maximize your chances of being offered a scholarship from Chalmers you should select a Chalmers programme as your number one priority.
    Ranking of Master's programmes
  3. Read the requirements
    Read the requirements for each of the scholarships thoroughly before submitting your application
    Requirements for the scholarships

Scholarship application for the academic year 2019/20 (closed)

The scholarship application is an online application, consisting of two steps. We encourage you to apply for scholarships as soon as possible, since this will greatly expedite the assessment process. However, there is no correlation between how early an application is made and the likelihood of receiving a scholarship.

Note, you must first make an online application to one or several Master’s programmes at Chalmers at the website (see section 1-3 above). Each applicant is assigned an 8 digit application number (from your application for Master's programmes at and this number is required in order to complete the application (step 2 below).

Step 1

Fill in and submit the request to obtain a personal link to your scholarship application form. The form will be distributed from November and onwards. It will take a few working days to receive your personal link (by e-mail).
You must make sure to use the same e-mail address as in your account at

Open the on-line request and submit it in order to obtain the
personal link to your scholarship application form (the link will be published in November 2019, for the academic year 2020/2021)

Step 2

Soon after you have submitted the request (step 1), you will be sent a personal link to the scholarship application form. Please note that it may take a few days until you receive the link. If you have not received it, please check your junk mail.

Make sure to have your application number from at hand (you will find your application number at the application you submitted for Chalmers at your account at This is of extreme importance, since your scholarship application is connected to your current application number on The number will start with digit 1 and it is required in order to complete the application.

In this step you will also be prompted to submit a letter of (intent) motivation in your personal account at If you haven't done it already, be sure to do so before 1st of February.

Information about the letter of (intent) motivation (item 8 on the list)

Please note that the electronic application form is used only for the scholarships awarded by Chalmers. You may apply for multiple scholarships provided that the eligibility requirements are fulfilled.
All submitted data must be verifiable against the documents submitted as part of your Master's programme application at

Your scholarship application will not be considered unless you have paid the application fee and uploaded required documents on by 1 February 2020. An incomplete scholarship application will not be considered.

Please note, Additional data is required by Chalmers when applying for the following scholarship.
Sievert Larsson Scholarship (available to Thai citizens only).

Notification and mandatory confirmation of awarded scholarships

Scholarship notifications will be sent out by e-mail by Chalmers between March and the end of April or beginning of May at the latest. 
All applicants will receive an email with information regardless of whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship. In order to keep your scholarship offer, you have to confirm that you accept the offered scholarship. Instructions will follow in your scholarship offer notification. Make sure to confirm by the specified deadline.

Published: Fri 26 Nov 2010. Modified: Wed 28 Aug 2019