Single subject courses for working professionals

Chalmers offers the possibility for working professionals who have accumulated at least one year’s work experience since receiving their Bachelor’s degree to apply for single subject courses.

Application and Tuition fees

For international students, fees, scholarships and the residence permit are important parts of the application process. Read the information at before you submit your application.
If you are a fee paying student there is an application fee and the tuition fee.
Check the current price for a course at Chalmers in Swedish kronor (SEK). The price listed refers to one (1) credit and applies  to all applicants liable to pay application and tuition fees.

 Entry requirements

  • An academic degree equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor’s degree of 180 credits or the corresponding (minimum 3-year long programme in a non-specified education area).
  • Swedish 3 or the equivalent, for courses taught in Swedish.
  • English 6 or the equivalent, for courses taught in English
    English language requirement
  • At least 12 months of documented work experience* accumulated after the applicant’s Bachelor’s degree studies. This work experience may be in any field and do not need to be related to the applicant’s educational profile.
  • Specific eligibility requirements and course-specific requirements may also apply.
  • More information of Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
*) Regular working hours for full-time work is 38 hours/week. Please note that it is required to have worked at least 50%, part-time. Part-time work can be specified in hours, days or percentages.

Required documents from your country of study
After submitting your electronic application, the next step is to submit documentation to demonstrate your eligibility for the courses and programmes you've applied for.
Instruction for my country of study (

Application - use one application code only

Submit your application, selected courses and supporting documentation at
  • 15 March - 15 April, using the application code  CTH- 99995 (for the autumn semester)
  • 15 September - 15 October, using the application code  CTH-99994 (for the spring semester)
The codes and names of courses you have selected
Your application must be supplemented by a document in which you clearly state the name/s and course code/s of the selected course/s as well as supporting documentation proving your general and specific eligibility for the course/s and documented work experience.

Complete you application on time
Upload your scanned document in the 'Documents' tab in your account at The last day to submit supporting documentation and a list of the courses you have selected is the same as the last day to apply, check the date above.


  • The amount of credits that you can be admitted to is limited to 30 credits per semester. If you apply for courses that amount to more than 30 credits, you must prioritize them in the supplemented document.
  • The number of study places is limited per course. Take note that courses that are offered at first cycle (bachelor’s level) in year 1, are limited and high in demand.
  • Neither Bachelor’s thesis/degree project nor Vocational language courses (conducted for enrolled Degree students only) are offered as Single subject courses for working professionals.
  • No courses which are published as Single-subject courses at with Owner: FRIST are open for application via Single subject courses for working professionals. Those courses are only open for application directly via, when published and open for application.
    Always check for Owner: FRIST in the syllabus at Chalmers Student Portal, before applying.
    See picture with an example below.
Pictue of syllabus of a Single-subject course Owner FRIST is only open for application when published at


When there are more applicants than available places in the course, a selection needs to be made. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements are ranked by longest work experience, beyond the required 12 months.
Chalmers Admissions has no information regarding your chances of being offered a place and is unable to answer questions on this subject beforehand.
For questions regarding your application and admission, please contact Chalmers Admissions:

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