Learning Swedish

The official language in Sweden is Swedish. Even though it is very easy for international students to get by with English only, learning Swedish could be a great advantage. As a foreign student, you do not need to learn Swedish, but doing so will help you understand the culture better and it will increase your chances to get a job in Sweden after your studies. Here are some language courses that you can take.

Swed​ish course offered to students Chalmers

For students at Chalmers who are required to pay tuition fees, a Swedish language course is included in the tuition fee. Regarding the Swedish courses we are collaborating with a company named Grow International, and they will contact you in June with information about the course in Swedish. The course is given at different paces, so if you want to get started quickly, you can choose a more compressed version.​​​

​Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

When you arrive in Sweden and get your personal identity number (personnummer), you will be able to register to a free Swedish course called Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) provided by the Swedish government.

D​istance learning

Distance learning courses provide you with the opportunity to learn Swedish even before coming to Sweden. As well as that, you can find several online tools that will help you take the first steps in your Swedish learning process.

Page manager Published: Wed 02 Nov 2022.