File an appeal

You may only file an appeal against a decision made regarding whether you meet the general and specific entry requirements for a specific course or programme. Late or incomplete applications, cancelled courses or programmes, shortage of seats (being placed on a reserve list) do not constitute grounds for an appeal.

Refer to requirements

To file an appeal you must state the decision that you are appealing against, and the reason for it. Be sure to refer to the entry requirements for the course or programme in question.

Three weeks time limit

The deadline for filing an appeal is three weeks. The appeal must reach Chalmers no later than three weeks after you have received your Notification of Selection Results.

Send it by email to

Should a decision remain unaltered according to the applicant's request, the appeal will automatically be referred to the committee, which is specified in the Rules of Discipl​ine for students at Chalmers.

Rules of Discipline for students at Chalmers

The rules regarding filing an appeal can be found in the section entitled Complaints in the Rules of Procedure for undergraduate programmes.
Rules of Procedure for undergraduate programmes

Published: Wed 17 Jun 2020.