Applicants, who deem that they have received an incorrect or unjust assessment concerning fulfillment of the eligibility requirements, can submit an appeal against the assessment. Appeals may only be submitted after the notification of selection results has been published. An appeal must be in writing and reach Chalmers Registrar no later than three weeks after being notified of the decision. 

Appeals should be sent to:

S-412 96 Göteborg

Late or incomplete applications, cancelled programmes, or the selection result as such do not constitute grounds for an appeal. Furthermore, you may not make an appeal if your supporting documentation arrived after the deadline for submission of supporting documents.

At an appeal, the decision is first reevaluated at the same level as the original decision. In a case where a decision is not altered according to the applicants request the appeal shall be referred to the committee, which is specified in the "Rules of Discipline for students at Chalmers" (link below). The rules for appeal are found in the section entitled "Complaints" in the "Rules of Procedure for undergraduate programmes" (link below).

Rules of Discipline for students at Chalmers
Rules of Procedure for undergraduate programmes

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Wed 11 Apr 2018