General entry requirements

All applicants must document their formal academic qualifications to prove their eligibility. Only documentation from internationally recognized universities will be approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

A Bachelor's degree or in your final year

To fulfil the general entry requirement for the second cycle (master’s level), the prospective student must hold a Degree equivalent to a Swedish Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering (minimum 3 years/180 Swedish higher education credits/hp) in Science, Engineering, Technology or Architecture
from an internationally recognized university, according to the official guidelines by the Swedish Council for Higher Education published at

  • If an applicant is a holder of a second degree such as a Master's degree, that may be as to fulfil specific (course) requirements, it never replaces the Bachelor's degree requirement.
  • The master’s programmes Entrepreneurship and Business Design and Interaction Design and Technologies both admit applicants with alternative fields (majors). Check the programmes' presentation and prerequisites.

In your final year of Bachelor's Studies

As a master's applicant, you're required to document all semesters of your studies. You must be a holder of a degree equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (minimum 3 years, 180cr) or be in your final year. Chalmers may the consider your application if you:
  •     are registered as a student participating in your last year of studies
  •     provide an official transcript for all completed semesters to date
  •     submit documentation from your university certifying that you are an active student in your last year
  •     provide documentation that you meet the English requirement
Please note that you must complete all steps in the application process and provide any other requested documentation by the deadline.

Applicant with Swedish higher education credits (högskolepoäng) in Ladok

An applicant who is enrolled in a Swedish first cycle (bachelor’s level) programme as above, fulfills the general entry requirements, if the applicant has completed a minimum of 150hp (högskolepoäng) out of 180hp within the present programme by the deadline for receipt of supporting documents, provided that a certificate of on-going studies which leads to an expected bachelor's degree has also been submitted.

Do you have Swedish academic records (courses and credits) registered in Ladok and a Swedish personal identity number and/or Swedish citizenship?
Applicant with Swedish higher education credits in Ladok (in Swedish only)

All applicants must meet the specific entry requirements

The specific entry requirements must be met by and it requires proof.


Degrees which are constructed on one another cannot consist the same course

Applicants who fulfill the general entry requirements for second cycle (master’s level) programmes and eventually specific entry requirements can be admitted to a master’s programme. Applicants cannot be evaluated as unqualified in the qualifying academic merits which include courses from the programme’s plan in those programmes that they have applied for, if that occurs.
Courses included in an earned first cycle degree (bachelor’s level) or professional qualification of at least 180 cr. (180hp) or the equivalent foreign qualification that are prerequisites for master’s qualifications may not be included in the higher qualifications. This also applies to prerequisite courses for master’s programmes, regardless of whether they are included in the underlying qualification. *
*) Local Qualifications Framework for Chalmers University of Technology - first and second cycle qualifications.

Restrictions for Citizens from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Chalmers cannot admit applicants with citizenship of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea only to any programme or course, due to the Council Regulation (EU) 2017/1509 of 30 August 2017 concerning restrictive measures against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and repealing Regulation (EC) 329/2007.

Applicants with double citizenships of which one is of Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the other of another country, the citizenship of the other country has precedence in this respect.​

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