General entry requirements

All applicants must document their formal academic qualifications to prove that they are eligible. Only documentation from internationally recognized universities will be reviewed.

All applicants must meet the general entry requirements below, in addition to the

specific entry requirements
and the
English language requirement

A Bachelor's degree or ongoing studies

To be eligible an applicant must either be a holder of - or be enrolled in his/her last year of studies leading to - a Bachelor's degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Architecture.
Note: The Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Business Design is the exception to this rule as this programme admits applicants with Bachelor's degrees from other fields as well.

  1. The degree must be equivalent to a Bachelor's degree (Kandidatexamen) according to Swedish regulations. It must, amongst other parameters, comprise a minimum of 3 years of full time studies (180 credits).
  2. Applicants who are currently enrolled are welcome to apply given that they, at the time of applying, have a maximum of one semester left before completing their degree. They must anticipate completing their Bachelor's degree before the start of the Master's programme.
    Please read further instructions below* regarding how to certify this.
  3. Applicants who are currently enrolled in long Tertiary Education Programmes with no intermediate Bachelor's degree must have completed at least 80% (i.e. four of five years) of a full Master's programme before the start of the Chalmers Master's programme applied for, in order to be eligible.
    Please read further instructions below* regarding how to certify this.
    Applicants who are currently enrolled in long educational programmes with no intermediate Bachelor's degree in a Nordic Country are required to have completed at least 3 years out of 5 of a full Master's programme, in accordance with the “Reykjavik act” of 2004.

Are you a current/past student with course credits from an exchange programme period at Chalmers?
The course credits earned during the exchange study period at Chalmers must not be accounted for twice. If any courses from Chalmers will be - or are - accounted for by your home university as part of your expected - or issued - Bachelor's degree you will not be able to fulfill the requirements of having a Master's Degree (120cr) issued by Chalmers. If this is the case for you it means that you will have to return to your home university to take supplementary courses in replacement of the courses and credits accounted for in your Bachelor's degree.

*) Mandatory certification requirements for current students (section 2 and 3 above)
Applicants who do not hold a Bachelor's degree when they apply must be enrolled in a degree programme according to section 2 or 3 above. Only official documentation clearly showing this is valid. Official documentation can consist of transcripts alone but must sometimes be supplemented by a certificate.
Read more under section 1 here

Applicants with Swedish credits in Ladok

Do you have Swedish academic records (courses and credits) and a Swedish personal identity number and/or Swedish citizenship?
Read further instructions here (in Swedish only)

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Thu 03 Nov 2016