Education for a sustainable future

The world is now facing major global challenges. The number of people on earth is increasing; poverty must be fought, but there are increasing demands for material prosperity. The climate issue is that most debated, but issues regarding justice and security also need to be resolved for a sustainable future. This is where technology can be an enabler and future engineers can make a difference. Studying for an engineering degree at Chalmers introduces to the possibility of taking on the challenges the world is facing.

The tools and knowledge you receive at Chalmers will not be obsolete tomorrow, or in ten years’ time. We equip our students better than that, because students graduating now will be working for another four decades. In order to fit your studies into the right context, we allow all students to take 7.5 credits in environment and sustainable development. In actual fact, we have been doing this for the past thirty years. As a civil engineer you will also have the option to specialise in this field through a master's programme with special focus on these types of issue.

Choose Chalmers for a sustainable future.

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Chalmers Student for Sustainability

At Chalmers, all students take 7.5 credit hours’ worth of classes in environment and sustainable development.​​​​

Page manager Published: Wed 24 Jun 2020.