Current Projects

ANYO labs
Today’s methods for drug discovery were developed 20-30 years ago, they are slow, resource heavy and costly for the pharmaceutical companies. The team behind ANYO labs has developed the 'beyond state-of-the-art' ML based tool i-TripleD for extremely fast and accurate de novo drug discovery. The developed scoring function is benchmarked against three 'standard' test sets and show Scoring power, Ranking power and Screening power that outperforms existing scoring functions, both commercially available "traditional" docking and ML based solutions.

With our new volume based ultrafast screening methodology we can screen vast libraries of compounds in a few seconds. The screening and prediction modules are combined with modules to generate chemically valid de novo compounds (currently we produce >1300 compounds/second, with >95% chemical validity and uniqueness) and advanced filters of, e.g., synthetic accessibility, medicinal chemistry filtering and ADME/toxicity, to form a complete drug discovery tool. We envision that i-TripleD will redefine the methods and workflows used in drug discovery, leading the way in this new data-based age.

Our home is the place where we spend most of our time. It is our safe space where we keep all the belongings that really matter to us. It is natural to keep watch over our home, to protect that which we love. Last year, forty eight percent of burglaries in Sweden were done to apartments. Unfortunately, security options for apartment owners and tenants are insufficient and rarely used. With alarm systems on the market demanding manual activation and deactivation while costing a fortune, the added security does not outweigh the drawbacks. Especially considering that expensive false alarms are common.

Our solution provides security and peace of mind to your apartment in a completely new way. Doora is integrated within your current door, and relays information about it to your phone. With a Doora installed, you are notified when you leave your door open and when you forget to lock it. You can check on your apartment from anywhere, giving you peace of mind. Doora also acts as an alarm system which automatically activates & deactivates by using your regular key. By being a smart alarm that understands your door, it eliminates false alarms, and instantly alarms in case of a breach.

Today, sub-optimized water treatment results in unnecessary use of resources, such as treatment chemicals, manpower, and time. The consequences are twofold: profitability is reduced for the treatment plant while the environmental impact is increased. A significant cause is the lack of immediate and accurate insights on water quality during the different stages of the treatment process. Although multiple sensors on the market are measuring water quality, there are none that provide accurate assessments of water quality in real time. DSAqua intends to solve this problem by providing an online, highly accurate, and cheap sensor, helping water treatment plants to optimize their treatment process.

Sweden is in the middle of an electricity crisis and it’s predicted to get worse. This will put a lot of stress on our electricity system and will lead to higher electricity prices with a possible shut down of services in society to cope with the lack of available electricity production. There is a clear demand for flexibility services which can reduce power consumption when the electricity grid needs it the most. FlexRef provides a flexible solution that can shut down electrical consumers in society to reduce the demand for electricity when it’s needed the most. With this solution, FlexRef will help maintain the critical balance between supply and demand of electricity and reduce the risk of an electrical system collapse.

With electricity and gas prices reaching record highs, upgrading your home to be more sustainable is now more important than ever before. Heating, whether it’s air or water, plays an essential role in any household. Current heat exchangers, in appliances ranging from dishwashers and washing machines to instant water heaters, can be redesigned to be more energy efficient, reliable, and modular than what is on the market today. However, today’s traditional production methods, such as injection molding, limit what can be achieved.

This is where Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D metal printing, comes in, which enables innovative  complex geometries leading to a new type of water flows. Producing a water heater using AM provides many benefits, such as a larger surface area and faster iterations. Using the patent-pending design for the Next Generation Water Heater, heat exchangers that meet today’s sustainability standards can be produced quickly and reliably.

The world is moving towards increasingly sustainable and efficient production in all areas. At the same time, the trends for sugar substitutes and sweeteners in our everyday foods are also more desired than ever. The methods of producing these sugar alcohols today both hold insufficient effectivity, and also come at the cost of our planet.

Inocule provides an alternative production of sugar alcohols using genetically modified yeast strains to enable a more effective and sustainable production. Our yeast strain utilizes lactose in the form of residual products from the dairy industry to produce sugar alcohols. We have today successfully produced the substance Galactitol through our process, which can be used within the food industry but also for material and cancer research. However, the versatility of our genom editing of our yeast strain provides the possibility to produce further sugar alcohols through a sustainable and effective production.

Nocture Technologies
Nocture Technologies provides night vision capabilities through software. Our lightweight algorithm intensifies the available light and gives a new level of visibility through a regular camera module. The efficient noise reduction and improvements in contrast help autonomous driving systems to detect and classify objects in low light conditions, making autonomous driving safer. The algorithm can also be implemented in different surveillance systems to achieve greater visibility in a dark environment and enables long-range visibility by only using ambient light. The product is modular, adaptable to many application areas, and has lower computational complexity than the current market leaders.

Today, 980 million people worldwide suffer from various brain-related diseases, which means almost ⅛ of the entire world's population. Medicines for these types of diseases have long been very difficult to bring forth due to the lack of knowledge about the very complex human brain, how it functions and how different substances affect it.

Our product makes it possible to test medicines on a platform that mimics the human brain to a level that has never existed before. We do this by using a pioneering technique to produce human brain cells through stem cells - enabling us to track interactions and functions over time. The business idea consists of offering pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to test substances and medicines on our platform. This is done during the preclinical phase to see the intended medicine's potential and its side-effects before progressing to clinical trials, i.e. testing on humans. Since clinical trials are an extremely expensive process associated with uncertain outcomes for test persons, there is a great need to minimize these risks.

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