Research at Technology Management and Economics

The department conducts outstanding research within Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Environmental Assessment and Transition Studies, and the role of Technology in Society. The department has six research divisions, one division for support functions and hosts four research centres. Our work is related to most of Chalmers' Areas of Advance.

In Environmental Assessment and Transition Studies, more sustainable technical solutions and ways to change society's production and consumption systems are sought after, to better meet current environmental and resource constraints. The research is multidisciplinary and addresses many different sectors of society, but focuses on technologies, product chains, and industries.
In Innovation and Entrepreneurship, several scientific disciplines are combined to create an understanding of the interplay between science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. The focus is on innovation and entrepreneurial challenges in both established and innovative companies.
Supply Chain and Operations Management research efficient and sustainable management of materials and information flows within and between companies. Transport and production in supply and distribution networks. Operations Management focuses on design, planning and management of resources and processes that develop and produces products or services, and the interaction between them.
Technology in Society researches the role of science and technology in modern society. It includes history of science and technology, policy studies, science and technology studies as well as ethics, gender studies, and sociology.
Read more about the research areas and researchers within the different divisions, found under Organization.

Page manager Published: Fri 28 May 2021.