History of technology and science

​The research group in the history of technology and science primarily conducts research on the big modernization projects of the twentieth century.

The group currently works with the following projects:
  • Reform technocrats: strategists of the strong state, 1930–1980 (Vetenskapsrådet, project manager Per Lundin)
  • Innovation intermediation and adoption of digital computing by Swedish business (Handelsbanken research foundations, project manager Gustav Sjöblom)
  • SLU – in the service of science and the sector (SLU’s chancellor, project manager Per Lundin)
  • The cultural politics of sustainable urban mobility, 1890-present (Dutch Science Council NWO, international network project, principal investigator Swedish group Per Lundin, coordinator Gustav Sjöblom)
The research group offers five basic education courses. They focus on history of technology, history of science, the societal role of engineers, and sustainable development.

The research group currently consists of Per Lundin (associate professor and university lecturer), Gustav Sjöblom (assistant professor), Anna Åberg (assistant professor), Patrik Ekheimer (PhD) and Malin Nordvall (PhD student).

Published: Wed 21 Oct 2015. Modified: Mon 02 May 2016