STS Seminar Series

The division of Science, Technology and Society arranges the following seminars:

  • STS seminar
  • History of Science and Technology Seminar
  • Lunchtime book discussions

STS Seminar, Spring 2022

The seminars are held on Wednesdays, 13:00-15:00 in Järntorget. If the seminar is in a hybrid format we meet on zoom here

The first fifteen minutes are reserved for a short division meeting, so the actual seminar starts around 13:15. 

One week before the seminar, a text is circulated. The seminar is organised around the assumption that everyone has read the text. The seminars are held in English.​

For presenters: send your text and a suitable title to Francis Lee at the latest one week ahead of the seminar.

Wednesday 19 January
Malin Nordvall, Licentiate seminar 
Chair: Per Lundin
Opponent: Alma Persson

Wednesday 9 February   
Alicja Ostrowska, Work in Progress (in Götaplatsen & hybrid)
Chair: Rotating

Wednesday 23 February   
Parissa Mokhtabad Amrei, Research Proposal Seminar
Chair: Catharina Landström
Opponent: Linda Soneryd

Tuesday 8 March    
Julia Ravanis, Licentiate level seminar  (in Avenyn & hybrid)
Chair: Per Lundin
Opponent:  Arne Kaijser

Wednesday 23 March
Kjell Vowles, Licentiate level seminar  (hybrid format)
Chair: Martin Hultman
Opponent: Prof. Nathan Young, Ottawa University

Wednesday 6 April   
Karolin Sjöö, Work in Progress
Chair: Rotating

Wednesday 20 April   
Jens Millkrantz, Licentiate level seminar 
Chair: Anna Åberg
Opponent: Urban Lundberg

Wednesday 4 May    
STS Conference

Wednesday 18 May    
Angelica Wågström, Licentiate level seminar ​
Chair: Martin Hultman
Opponent: Prof. Susan Paulson, Florida University and Lund University

Wednesday 1 June   
Nicholas Surber, Seminar
Chair: Rotating

Wednesday 15 June    
Planning for next term and post seminar activity
Chair: Francis Lee

Zoom link for hybrid meetings: here.

The seminar is arranged by the Division for Science, Technology and Society, Dept. of Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology. If you have questions about the STS seminar series or want to be added to our e-mail list and receive the texts beforehand, please contact​ Francis Lee​.


History of Science and Technology Seminar, Spring 2022

Time and place unless otherwise stated: Thursdays 15.15-17.00 in seminar room 2356 Järntorget, Division of Science, Technology, and Society (STS), Vera Sandbergs allé 8, floor 3. 

The seminars are held in English when the texts are written in English, and in Swedish when the texts are written in Swedish. For questions of a practical nature, please contact Jens Millkrantz.

Thursday 27 January
Jessica Jewell, Chalmers, Division of Space, Earth, and Environment, presents the article ”Historical precedents and feasibility of rapid coal and gas decline required for the 1.5° C target”. The text can be requisitioned from Jens Millkrantz, one week before the seminar.

Thursday 24 February
Jens Millkrantz, Chalmers, STS, presents the dissertation chapter ”Foreign Oil and National Fuels: Political attempts to reshape Swedish oil policy, 1932–1934”. The text can be requisitioned from Jens Millkrantz, one week before the seminar.

Thursday 28 April
Mattias Näsman, Umeå University, presents under the title ”’Utan bilen stannar Sverige’: Svensk bilindustri under oljekrisen och den gröna omställningens dynamik”. The text can be requisitioned from Mattias Näsman​one week before the seminar.

Thursday 19 May 

Hannah Siegrist, Uppsala University, presents the text ”Närtrafikens détente och platsproduktion i förhandling: Följder av 1972 års tysk-tyska transitavtal”. The text can be requisitioned from Hannah Siegrist, one week before the seminar. N.B.: Seminar held in room J675, the Humanities building, GU.

Thursday 16 June
Andreas Hellenes, Martin Hultman, Per Lundin, and Anna Åberg, Chalmers, STS, present the introductory chapter of the book ”Grå reformer, gröna drömmar”. The text can be requisitioned from Per Lundin​, one week before the seminar. 

The History of Science and Technology Seminar is co-arranged by the division of Science, Technology, and Society at Chalmers and the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion at GU. Seminar organizers: Gustav Holmberg (GU), Per Lundin (Chalmers) and Jens Millkrantz (Chalmers).


Lunchtime book discussions

In our series of lunchtime book discussions, members of the faculty talk informally about their current reading.  During these sessions, we cover new releases and classics that inform our research at STS - as well as Chalmers TME - while also being relevant to broader audiences.
The series is arranged by Karl PalmåsAnna ÅbergCatharina Landström, and Per Lundin.​

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