ASTA - roles, rights n' duties

This project focuses on understanding what managing means in emerging types of inter-organizational collaborations. It is set in the context of the initial phases of establishing ASTAZero, an open environment for research and testing within the field of traffic safety. The project specifically addresses the question of role distribution (rights and duties) and how to enact leadership in such a complex context.


​DEMO - Design Meets Open Innovation

​This project focuses on how design theory and design methodology can stimulate open innovation practice and help in handling some of the challenges that often arise when multiple partners are involved in the innovation process. A first assignment within the project is to develop a methodology suited for an open innovation project associated with SAFER, an open innovation arena hosted by Chalmers.



Exploring key organizational competencies in Science Parks:
Understanding and enhancing a learning climate for creativity, innovation and change

The project addresses organizational competencies in Science Parks and how management can enable, support and nurture a learning climate. Two science parks are included in this collaborative study.


​K3 - Knowledge Triangle

​K3 is short for "knowledge triangle" and is a Chalmers-wide project to strengthen the collaborations between education, research and impact, also involving triple helix stakeholders. In doing this, Challenge Lab will be the vehicle for developing such collaborations and to define new developed approaches that would strengthen Chalmers ability to lead transformational development with multiple stakeholders.

​Managing Open Innovation

This project aims at longitudinally investigating open innovation in practice. The focus of the project is SAFER, an open innovation arena for vehicle and traffic safety. SAFER hosts collaborative projects, and currently has 24 partner organizations, including Chalmers, Autoliv, Volvo Cars, Saab Automobile, VTI and Viktoriainstitutet among others.


Organizing in the maritime cluster in Western Sweden

​The purpose of the project is to explore organizing of the maritime cluster in Western Sweden, and to understand the role this type of cluster can have for development and innovation. This is done by focusing on two key issues: Goals among the actors and Roles within the cluster.


Developing an open innovation research agenda with a focus on action research

The goals of the project is to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish and international open innovation researchers and increase skills regarding methodology and publication of open innovation research.



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