Master's thesis proposals

Information for students
Below is a list of Master’s degree projects proposed by companies or divisions to be carried out at the Department of Technology Management and Economics. The proposals below are proposals and may need adjustments to fit into your master’s program. Such adjustments are discussed with your MPA and/or your supervisor. Please note that all projects are to be carried out jointly by two students. It is up to each student to find a suitable partner.
The student master's thesis registration is open twice a year, once for each of the spring and fall semesters. The deadline for registration for the spring semester of 2020 is the 2nd of December, 23.59.
Information for companies and organizations
To submit a proposal for a master’s thesis, please send a pdf with all relevant information to

Name the pdf after the subject/title of your proposal, and make sure to include your contact information.
Please note that when all students have chosen their master’s thesis, at the end of February and September, the proposals will be removed from this site. If you wish your proposal to remain on the site, please notify us by sending an e-mail to

Master thesis proposals from companies and organization:

SKF Group Purchasing & ICR

Purchasing, several topics

Volvo Group

ACCELERATE AI Enabled Service Market Logistics​​

ACCELERATE Future workplace data analyst

ACCELERATE Environmental Footprint from Buildings and Opportunities

ACCELERATE Additive Manufacturing

ACCELERATE Cyber Security Master Thesis

ACCELERATE Use data analytics to standardize terminology


ACCELERATE User Behaviour and HMI Activity Knowledge through Logging

ACCELERATE Proof of concept to improve production utilizing IT

ACCELERATE Digitalization of Volvo Supply Chain

ACCELERATE Green and Sustainable Sourcing Strategies

ACCELERATE Managing technology shifts in automotive purchasing

ACCELERATE PGM setup and strategy for the future

Master thesis proposals within:
Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Environmental Systems Analysis

Innovation och R&D Management

Service Management and Logistics

”Space-sharing service through quality management theory”

Supply and Operations Management

Efficient Commissioning Master thesis proposal

Centre for Healthcare Improvement



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