Centres at Technology Management and Economics

The centres of the department coordinate research and utilization. 

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship unites education and research through entrepreneurship so we can generate value for society by developing novel and innovative ideas.
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Centre for Healthcare Improvement, CHI

Centre for Healthcare Improvement is a research and education center that carries out research and education within the improvement, innovation, and transformation of the health care delivery system. In research and education, CHI works in interaction with the health services in order to create, transform, and diffuse research-based and action-oriented knowledge.
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Northern Lead Logistics Centre

Northern LEAD Logistics Centre facilitates research that contributes to sustainable logistics development and gives companies competitive advantages as well as benefits to society.
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Swedish Life Cycle Center
Swedish Life Cycle Center is a center of excellence for the advance of applied life cycle thinking in the industry and other parts of society. The center is a joint collaboration platform for universities, industries, research institutes, and government agencies for competence building and exchange of experience to move the life cycle eld forward.
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Former center, no longer at Chalmers after 2021:

Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe, CHLE
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