TME social media

Social media

Social media is an important channel for spreading news, impact stories, and information regarding our research and education areas. The department has accounts on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The department's communicators are responsible editors of the social media channels.

Some of our official hashtags are:

  • #chalmersTME // Department’s official hashtag
  • #chalmersftw // Chalmers official hashtag
  • #entrepreneurshipbychalmers // Posts linked to entrepreneurship
  • #CentreforHealthcareImprovement // Posts linked to Centre for Healthcare Improvement


Some of the researchers and research projects at the Department of Technology Management and Economics have their own blogs and Twitter accounts where they write about their research. The perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes expressed through their social media and other public forums represent the individual employee. They do not necessarily reflect the general attitude of Chalmers. If you find social media on our list that violates good tone, please report this to

Page manager Published: Mon 04 May 2020.