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The Division of Energy Technology conducts research and offers educational training in the areas of energy technology and energy systems. Ongoing projects and activities cover a broad spectrum of issues related to improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of energy conversion and usage in a wide range of sectors. The Division is also the host of the research infrastructure Chalmers Power Station, which plays a central role in our research activities.​

Our research aims at identifying resource-efficient and competitive technologies and transformation pathways that will enable the energy, energy-intensive heavy industry and transportation sectors to comply with ambitious international sustainable development goals. An important characteristic of our research is the combination of system level activities with in-depth development of energy conversion processes, as well as participation in a large number of national and international research projects.

Our core research activities focus on four main areas:
Thermal conversion process​es​

Experimental technical research with focus on thermal conversion processes and technologies for complete conversion of feedstock to products with ultra-low emissions, including: Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC), Fluidized bed technologies for combustion and gasification applications, Oxy-fuel combustion, Novel gas cleaning technologies, combined energy and materials recycling and industrial combustion applications

Diagnostic measurements​ and modelling

On-site industrial research in support of compliance with stringent emissions regulations 

Modelling and an​alysis of energy systems

Model-based energy systems analysis for supply, distribution and demand of grid-based energy carriers​​

​Process ​Integration and Process Systems Engineering (PSE) 

Developing tools for analysis and conceptual design of carbon-neutral and resource-efficient industrial processes


We offer courses a wide variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate (Master’s) level, e.g., in energy conversion, combustion engineering, heat and power systems engineering, industrial energy systems, design of industrial energy equipment, and energy systems modelling and planning. The Division also coordinates the Master’s program "Sustainable Energy Systems". 

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Databases and​ mo​dels

The Division of Energy Technology has developed a number of extensive databases, for example the Power Plant Database, the Building Stocks Datasets and the Fuel Database. The division also has developed a variety of unique models and analysis tools.  

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Sustainable European Energy Systems​ ​

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