Chalmers Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD Program

​Applying for a PhD position:
Thank you for your interest in pursuing a PhD position in Astronomy & Astrophysics at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. These PhD positions are supervised by faculty within the Astronomy & Plasma Physics (AoP) Division and the Onsala Space Observatory (OSO) Division, both of which are hosted within the Department of Space, Earth and Environment (SEE) at Chalmers.

Applications are made here​. Follow the link for more information. 
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The deadline for applications and all letters of recommendation is 5th December 2018.

Background information:
Astronomy and astrophysics researchers at Chalmers address a wide range of topics, including: formation and evolution of galaxies; the birth and death of stars in the interstellar medium; astrochemistry; and exoplanets. The research spans both theoretical and computational studies to observational programs to instrumentation development. Local resources include access to substantial high-performance computing, as well as telescope access via OSO and membership of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). In particular, OSO hosts the Nordic ALMA Regional Center (ARC) node. Physically, we are situated at both the OSO in Onsala and at the main Johanneberg campus in Gothenburg.

PhD positions are available in a wide range of research areas. For a list of example PhD positions see this page. In your application you will be asked to give a rank ordered preference amongst these listed projects, as well as expressing your general research areas of interests. [link to list of PhD projects]

Starting dates are negotiable, depending on the particular project, but are expected to be during 2019. The starting salary for PhD positions is approximately 30,000 SEK per month. Expected duration is 4 years. A 10% salary increase is given following a successful licentiate defence, normally completed after 2 years. The positions also come with generous fringe benefits, including health insurance, retirement benefits, eligibility for parental leave, etc.

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