​Math, modeling and methods in focus for Jubilee professor

Chalmers Jubilee Professors of 2022 have recently been appointed, and one of them will join the Department of Space, Earth and Environment. Steven Gabriel is a full professor at the University of Maryland, USA.  
– This represents a unique opportunity for Chalmers. Because Prof. Gabriel’s area of expertise lies in methods rather than in any single application, an extended visit at Chalmers would benefit multiple groups at Chalmers, says David Daniels, at the host division of Physical Resource Theory.  
Chalmers Jubilee Professors are designated annually by the President of Chalmers to add new skills and strengthen the university's international relations. Steven Gabriel is a full professor in both the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program at the University of Maryland, USA. He works in the field of operations research and systems engineering and his research focuses on the mathematics of constrained optimization problems and their practical applications, from traffic flows and infrastructure planning to trade flows and climate change. 

– Each of these types of problems can be formulated as a network with multiple, competing interests: regulators, network operators, and users.  Describing these competing interests mathematically allows one to explore the space of feasible solutions, as well as the interplay between interests, says David Daniels, visiting professor at the host division of Physical Resource Theory.  

– Prof. Gabriel has authored Complementarity Modeling in Energy Markets​, the main textbook on mixed-complementarity modeling in energy systems, but he also seeks practical applications across scientific and professional disciplines to address society’s greatest challenges. This fits well with Chalmers’ own ethos and makes him an ideal Jubilee Professor.

Steven Gabriel is already connected to our Nordic neighbours and as an affiliated professor at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway he has given a course for PhD students in mathematical techniques for energy systems modeling.  In the fall of 2021, he is working at the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, teaching as well as running the Trans-Atlantic Infraday (TAI), an annual international workshop on modeling methods, typically held in the Washington DC area.  Steven Gabriel plans to arrive in Göteborg in February 2022.  

– While here at Chalmers, he is planning to give a different short course for graduate students on energy models and modeling methods, and their applications aimed at a broader technical audience.  He also looks forward to beginning collaborative research with researchers here at Chalmers, where there are common interests involving optimization problems (e.g., competition and game theory, agent-based optimization models, etc.), says David Daniels.  

Steven Gabriel is one of three Chalmers Jubilee Professors of 2022. The other two, who will join the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering: Prof. Doina Petrescu at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield and Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller, at the School of Architecture, Bremen University of Applied Sciences. 

Page manager Published: Thu 27 Oct 2022.