e-Science Centre

What is the e-Science Centre? 

Chalmers e-Science Centre provides a focus for e-Science activities at Chalmers. This covers a broad spectrum of activities that includes research involving advanced computation, data exploration and e-Science methods. 

How can we help you? 

A wide range of activities at Chalmers are coordinated by the e-Science centre: (follow the links to find more information) 

More information about e-Science related research activities at Chalmers and about the e-Science centeris available.

What is e-Science?

The rapid development of computer technology and the corresponding introduction of advanced computational tools are leading to the emergence of new paradigms in research. Advanced computation and modelling is becoming an additional pillar of science that complements traditional experiment and theory. Data-driven research fields demonstrate rapidly escalating amounts of data generated from both local and global experimental devices. Consequently, there is an ongoing development of innovative analysis methods to extract information from these large data sets. The term eScience was invented to reflect the exciting opportunities for progress in science and innovation, and the corresponding drive in advancing new capabilities.

Page manager Published: Fri 12 May 2017.