Group photo
​SEE ​employees at the Department day 2018, gathered at the The Nordic Watercolour Museum , Tjörn. 
​Photo: Christian Löwhagen

Vision and strategies

​The Department Vision

SEE is an international, outward-looking department in which research is driven by curiosity and challenges. We contribute to realising Chalmers’ vision of a sustainable future by building long-term sustainable solutions based on knowledge and technology in our fields. 

SEE has a unique mix of expertise that permits collaboration between our various research fields. Our vision is to have a leading position when it comes to identifying and meeting big, relevant challenges in sustainability, energy, Earth sciences and space science by providing society with the foremost experts, state-of-the-art knowledge and innovative solutions. This vision permeates all of the department’s research, education and utilisation, which are characterised by excellence and based on a solid scientific foundation.

Research strategy
Our research objectives are to understand where we come from and where we are going by observing space and our planet. We develop technology for the conversion of energy processes and we study the local and global sustainability issues facing society. Our aim is to remain the world leader in our fields and strive for excellence and fair scientific methods at all times. Our priorities:
  • To seek challenges that move and drive developments in our scientific fields.
  • To collaborate with the best research groups in Sweden and abroad.
  • To develop our local research infrastructure (Kraftcentralen (Chalmers’ own combined heat and power plant (CHP)) and Onsala space observatory) and participate actively in relevant international equivalents.
  • To obtain external grants from important funding bodies (for example VR, ERC, KAW, VINNOVA...) and collaborate with strategically important companies.
  • To publish our results in leading journals and at leading conferences.

Read more about our five research divisions and our strategies for education and utilization in the SEE Strategy Document

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