​The department consists of three research divisions and nine research groups working with research and education. We also have an administrative division and three research centres.


Steering group

Head of department - Anders Karlström
Vice head of department - Tomas McKelvey
Head of doctoral education - Jonas Fredriksson
Head of undergraduate education - Thomas Eriksson
Head of administration - Pia Karlsson
HR specialist - Cecilia Örnroth



Communication systems

Read more about the division Communication systems
Head of Division:
Erik Ström

Systems and Control

Read more about the division Systems and Control
Head of Division: Bengt Lennartson


Signal processing and Biomedical engineering
Read more about the division Signal processing and Biomedical engineering
Head of Division: Mikael Persson


The administration offers support for activities within the Department of Signals and Systems. We deal with operational planning and follow-up, accounts, information- and communication activities, course administration in the undergraduate and graduate programs, human resources, purchasing, and other services.
Head of administration - Pia Karlsson
Department Financial Officer - Maria Odéus Forsberg, Anna Lund Rahder (maternity leave)
Financial Officers - Hanna Youn, Petar Margitin, Jasna Kovacic
Communications Officer - Yvonne Jonsson
Communications Officer Swedish Electromobility Center - Emilia Lundgren
Doctoral programme - Natasha Adler Grønbech
Undergraduate education - Madeleine Persson
Systems and Control and Antenna Systems - Elin Björklund
Communication systems, Chase - Agneta Kinnander
Signal processing and Biomedical engineering, MedTech West - Ann-Christine Lindbom

Organizational structure



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