Master's thesis projects

​Our department offers thesis projects in our teching and research areas (remote sensing, astronomy, geodesy, micro and millimeter wave technology, plasma physics, measurement techniques, etc.). There are also thesis projects in the same fields in, e.g., the industry.

Thesis projects from our different research groups

If you do not find a suitable project, you can also directly contact a teacher/scientist (e.g., the head of the research group) in the field you are interested in. Here you find the department's research groups.

Advanced receiver development

Advanced Calibration Kit for Better Accuracy of Microwave Measurements at Cryogenic Temperatures: Calibration_Kit_4K.pdf

Wideband waveguide power divider-combiner for MM-wave Instrumentation: Power_Divider-Combiner_MMwaves.pdf

Global environmental measurements and modelling

Atmospheric waves on the border to space: Atmospheric_waves.pdf

First light of a future satellite mission: Future-satellite.pdf

Improved usage of microwave data in weather forecasting and climate modelling: Climate_modelling.pdf

In the core of the polar vortex: Polar_vortex.pdf

Microwave cloud scattering: Microwave_cloud_scattering.pdf

Radiative forcing by mineral dust aerosols: Mineral_dust.pdf

Retrieving atmospheric temperatures form Zeeman affected microwave data: Retrieving_atmospheric_temperatures.pdf

Optical remote sensing

Development of a drone concept for volcanic gas measurements: DroneConcept.pdf

Optical remote measurement of particles in gas plumes: Particles_in_gas_plumes.pdf

Studies of the gas emission from the Holuhraun volcanic eruption on Iceland: Iceland_volcano_Holuhraun.pdf

Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy

Fusion plasma physics (several projects possible): Fusion_physics.pdf

Radar Remote Sensing

Electromagnetic computations with discrete dipole approximation: Electromagnetic_computations.pdf

Effect of ionospheric Faraday rotation on satellite radar: Ionospheric_Faraday_rotation.pdf

Satellite radar tomography: Radar_tomography.pdf

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics

30MOLINOS - a molecular inventory of old stars: Molecules_old_stars.pdf

Astrophysical dynamics: Astrophysical_dynamics.pdf

The nature of the outflow of the coldest astrophysical object and other evolved stars: Evolved_stars.pdf

Space Geodesy and Geodynamics

Atmosphere ray-tracing on a GPU: Ray-tracing_on_a_GPU.pdf

Development a versatile GNSS-R receiver by means of software defined radio: GNSS-R-receiver.pdf

Using SALSA as Infrastructure for Education of Geodetic VLBI (IEGV): Geodetic_VLBI.pdf

Accelerating the Computation of Earth deformation due to Ocean Tides by means of Graphic Processing Units (GPUs): GPU_for_Ocean_Loading.pdf

Useful links

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