About the school

Chalmers Microscopy School was founded in 1998.  The school is a course programme given by the Division of Materials Microstructure at the Department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology.  The courses combine theory with laboratory work, and are given in close collaboration between scientists and manufacturers of electron microscopes and equipment for microanalysis and specimen preparation.  Both university scientists and application specialists from the manufacturers are engaged as lecturers and instructors at the laboratory sessions.  More than 800 engineers, technicians and scientists, coming from nine countries, have taken our courses.

The aim of Chalmers Microscopy School is to bring together electron microscopists from industry and university, and to provide a meeting place where new developments are discussed with colleagues and application specialists.  The course participants are encouraged to bring their own specimens to the Open Lab evening sessions.

Top-of-the-line instruments and software from the following manufacturers have been brought to the courses:


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